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Pateros: The Home of Unli Balut and Unli Balut Recipes

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Choose Philippines | Apr 24, 2015

The duck egg delicacy is often viewed as a rite of passage for any foreign visitor to the country. What is oft forgotten about the humble balut is that it is a thriving industry that is part of the proud heritage in the town of Pateros. It is also vying to make it to the Guinness Book of World Records, in not just one, but two of its latest entries. 

On April 10, 2015, the Center for Culinary Arts chefs, headed by Chef Tristan Encarnacion prepared 1,000 pieces of Balut into an adobo dish that was recorded to have weighed 117.5 kilograms. The resulting dish was enjoyed by the townsfolk in a symbolic boodle fight.

Adobong Balut

Two days later, at Market Market, Taguig, CCA again made culinary history by presenting balut in at least 100 different recipes, including smoked salmon-wrapped balut, southwestern balut salad, ensaymada con balut especial, and among others.

Ensaymada con Balut Special

“It serves to highlight our town’s proud history as the source of the best Balut,” said Pateros Mayor Joey Medina. He said that the town was founded in 1799, and was named after their duck-raising trade, as the root word Pato means ducks.

“Our forefathers found success with the business of balut. This was how they were able to send their children to school. To this day, when you hear Balut, you think of Pateros. When you hear Pateros, you think of Balut,” he shared. Projects such as these help to promote the industry on a global scale, and are avenues for giving value to their past and showing gratitude for an industry that has been part of the town’s success. “It is often known internationally as something consumed as part of an eating challenge. What CCA has done is to present it in imaginative ways, to show that Balut is truly a Filipino delicacy.”

“When we were approached for the project in which we have the opportunity to promote Philippine cuisine, we thought of balut right away. It is something that our foreign visitors often ask for and enjoy,” said Badjie Guerrero Trinidad, CEO of CCA, Manila.   For his part, Chef Tristan bared that balut is a very versatile ingredient.

“We have tried a lot of recipes using balut and it is really very good either as a dish ingredient or the main protein. We have actually created more than a hundred recipes!” 


(Photos and text from Moist Communicates.)

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