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Finding Forevermore’s La Presa in Bemwa

Ida Damo
Ida Damo | Jun 09, 2015
Finding Forevermore’s La Presa in Bemwa

Strawberries and strawberry-picking in Benguet has become more popular, thanks to ABS-CBN teleserye “Forevermore”.

Strawberries have various uses, from cooking to being juiced as drinks.  Their juicy, red, sweet fruit is packed with vitamins and produces an appealing aroma.

Strawberries grow in cold places in the Philippines like Benguet. However in the past years, strawberries have also been successfully produced in Marilog, Davao City, Bayabas, Toril and Kapatagan, Davao del Sur.

Rows of hydroponically-grown strawberries welcome you as you visit Bemwa Farm in Marilog, Davao City. The strawberries hang from bamboo chambers, all in various stages of ripening.


Though they may not be as big as those from other countries, strawberries grown in the Philippines do generally taste sweet.

In fact, I found out that not everyone have seen its plant, flowers, and fruits. They have yet  to taste the succulent fruit.

Legend says that if two people eat a twin strawberry together, their hearts will be united. That’s how it goes with the love story of Xander Grande and Agnes Calay in“Forevermore”.

Unfortunately, the strawberries in Bemwa were not yet ready for harvest. There were no twin strawberries, and I had no one to eat with it, should I have found one.

However, Benwa is more than just strawberries. Around the farm, you can find different varieties of lettuce. Among the varieties found in the farm are arugula, green romaine, red leaf, green oak, and iceberg.

A true love for greens and strawberries: that’s what I found in Bemwa, in addition to the cool climate and fresh mountain breeze every city dweller would dream of.

Yes, forever does exist, and it can also be found in Bemwa!

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