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The Shoe Cycle: Advocacy Comes In The Form Of A Pair Of Shoes

Maritess Canlas
Maritess Canlas | Jun 25, 2015


We have got to have shoes, right?  Our old pair or pairs get worn out from all the walking we do on a daily basis.  The question is, which one to buy this time around?  If you are in the market for shoes, you may want to check out The Shoe Cycle.  



So what's in a name?  According to Peejay Parro, a young evironmetalist and owner of The Shoe Cycle, he wanted a brand name that would effectively convey what he is selling and more importantly the advocacy behind his shoes.  While there are shoes that come with intricate designs and blings, The Shoe Cycle gives you a chance to help save the environment.



Peejay's love for mother nature and all the fun stuff you can do outdoors (biking, scuba diving, hiking, etc.) are reflected in the designs of the shoes that he sells.  So how do we then help in making the earth a much better place to live in?  The answer is in the soles of the shoes.  One of the reasons why The Shoe Cycle shoes are so durable is because their soles are made of up-cycled tires.  Yes folks, from up-cyced tires.


Peejay designs all the shoes himself but he admits that he is particularly fond working on his Reggae line.  In fact, he handpaints them himself.  That is how passionate he is not in taking care of his shoe business.  



The Shoe Cycle's loafers line is one of his most saleable if not his most saleable line.  The one on the upper left is the most popular color/shade while the red one on the bottom right is my own pair of shoes.  Each pair cost P1,499.



Women's shoes fetch for P1,299 a pair.  Since I so love red, I'm eyeing to purchase that gorgeous red pair in the middle.  For me, a girl needs more than just a pair red shoes in her wardrobe.  



You may also like footwear know as espadrilles.  They are flat shoes made of canvas and are designed for cool casual wear.  Closed shoes typeare  P999 while the slip-ons are only P799 .  Again, the soles of these shoes are made of up-cycled tires.



Look at those lovely black shoes. I'm pretty sure that any little Miss would feel special wearing any of those stylish designs.  Gone are the days when school girls would wear chunky unattractive schools.  How much does each pair cost?  It's hard to believe they are only P799 a pair.


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