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Davao Choco Tour: Tasty Cocoa Treats that will Get Your Taste Buds Dancing

Ida Damo
Ida Damo | Jun 23, 2015
Davao Choco Tour: Tasty Cocoa Treats that will Get  Your Taste Buds Dancing

When Davao’s foremost photographer and journalist Jojie Alcantara invited me to a couple’s Davao Choco tour, I immediately said yes.

Cacao and its heavenly products, Cocoa and chocolates, has always been a favorite.  The more bitter it is, the better for me.

Dariel and Cathy Quiogue of Tide and Tribe Tours came up with the first-ever Chocolate Farm to Table Tour in Davao City.  Judging from the number of quality chocolates being locally produced in the city and in the region, it was but ripe for picking.

First stop was a sumptuous lunch at the Balik Bukid Restaurant, and a nibbling of chocolates from Cacao de Davao and Coco Dolce.  I said nibbling because it was just a preview of the feast that was coming.

Chef Paulo Garcia of Balik Bukid attested to both brands’ cacao and chocolate purity and quality.

After Balik Bukid, we headed to Calinan for a tour of Mr. Grover Rosit’s farm.  Here, various stages of cacao growth and development, and even its profitability, can be observed and learned.  For the chocoholic, the process of turning single-origin cacao beans to chocolate is the more interesting part.

Sir Grover demonstrated the whole process: First, the cacao pods are opened, pulp of the cacao is eaten. After that, the beans are roasted and dried, and the seed cover is removed. After that, the nibs are produced, and the chocolate is placed in molds and grilled. Finally, the product comes out, where it involved tasting the pure and unadulterated tsokolate.

I felt like I was already floating on a cloud as it was heady and heavy.

After a tour to Sir Grover’s farm, we went back to the city proper for a stop at Chocolate Bean in Juna Subdivision for yet another chocolate tasting.

Chocolate Bean is artisanal chocolate-making place that gives you its best Theobroma delights. They produce chocolates that are pure. Even if some chocolates have fillings, it’s made with heart.

Try their durian caramel or marzipan, and you’ll feel that you’ve just reached bliss.  Thetsokolate and suman? It is to-die-for!

So if you’re a chocoholic, the tour would be a chocolate-induced coma or a Theobroma nirvana, which is why you can say you’ve died and gone to Chocolate heaven.

(Theobroma cacao is the scientific name of cacao from which chocolates are made of.)   

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