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Maite Calero | Jul 08, 2013

"In the Philippine English, the word is tiangge, believed to be a loanword from the Hokkien spoken by Chinese Filipino migrants,[7] or possibly from Nahuatl tianguis via Mexican Spanish."

Tourists and Filipinos alike flock to Greenhills Shopping Center, San Juan for BAGS, CLOTHES, JEWELRY, PEARLS, PASALUBONGS, GADGETS, PHONE & TABLET CASES, SHOES, ANTIQUES, WATCHES, ACCESSORIES and more!

Must Visit:

Annapolis Carpark Square: gadgets and computer shops

The Jewellery

Connecticut Carpark: restaurants and food hubs

Bridgeway Shops: stores and stalls heaven!

LifeStyle Center: sports and vintage buys!

Beauty Central: salons, beauty parlors and diet restaurants

McKinley Arcade: more restaurants!

The Strip: Chinese restaurants

Theater Mall: cinemas and more shops

Promenade: cinemas, shops, and restaurants for the young at heart.

Music Museum

Shoppesville Arcade: must not miss out on this center (4 floors of good buys) from RTW to bags, to boutique shops and favorite food corners since the 80's.

V-Mall: new mall that has shops and stalls with more space than ever.

TIPS: Bring a lot of ENERGY, a very zipped bag to avoid losing your valuables, and your bargaining powers!

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