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From Fruits to Wine: Taste Agusan del Sur’s Sweet Produce

Agusan del Sur

Ida Damo
Ida Damo | Oct 21, 2015
From Fruits to Wine: Taste Agusan del Sur’s Sweet Produce

The province of Agusan del Sur is known as a big producer of rice and some agricultural products in the Caraga region in Mindanao.

The province mainly produces crops such as coconuts, corn, and bananas. It’s no wonder why the province is now a producer of wines using fruits. 

Wine is an alcoholic drink from fermented grapes. In the past years, other fruits and grains became ingredients in producing wines. In the Philippines, fruits like makopa, tambis lomboy or more commonly known as duhat, mangosteen, and guyabano are now being used as main ingredients to make wines. 

In Agusan del Sur, a winery produces these fruit wines and supplies them to local and international markets. Makopa and tambis are commonly mistaken for each other because of their appearance and color.

Makopa and mangosteen are rich in Vitamin C and are effective antioxidants. On the other hand, lomboy and mangos are rich in calcium and dietary fibers. Guyabano is recently found to prevent cancer.






What else does Agusan del Sur has to offer aside from these wines? There's the Agusan Marsh experience and the Giant Centennial Toog Tree and the Provincial Government Center

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