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Zamboangueño Shows Paskong Pinoy Through Colorful Paper Bags


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Choose Philippines | Nov 16, 2015
Zamboangueño Shows Paskong Pinoy Through Colorful Paper Bags

Paskong Pinoy for me is when we begin greeting each other as soon as the ‘ber’ months start. The time where we look forward to the holidays to be with our loved ones and enjoying our endless traditions and merry making,” said Jude Christopher "JC" Roxas, a 23-year-old illustrator and animator from Zamboanga Sibugay. “But the most important thing that we usually do every Christmas season is when we begin to share our blessings especially to those who need it the most.

He is this year's featured artist by a local bakeshop's tradition of Filipino art-inspired Christmas paper bags and collaterals, which has been going on since 2008. “I am really thankful for the opportunity,” JC answered when asked about his latest art project. “I felt as if life pinched me and said, ‘Hey, Jude, you’re on the right track.’ I told myself to keep exploring, keep creating.” Some of the artists included in previous years are Robert Alejandro, Jovan Benito, Amador Barquilla, Albert Magsumbol, Larry Memije, Rina Albert-Llamas, Joel Chua and Dante Hipolito. 

His artwork featured the tree as a prominent symbol. “A lot of things can happen under a tree,” he explained. “This is where kids make bases for tagu-taguan, where farmers rest while eating their home-made lunches, where families enjoy the shade in every picnic."

"Personally, a tree gives me the best place to sit down and think about the many wonderful things in life. That is why I want the image of the tree to be really prominent in the design because it reminds us of the importance of each other’s company.

Some of the notable Pusong Pinoy traditions that I included are typical street and home scenes that are very much alive during the holidays, homecomings and even comical ones like the ninong hiding from the inaanak,” he added. 

The Christmas package design does not only promote Filipino values and traditions but also remind us about the real meaning of Paskong Pinoy.


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