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Take Your Feet on a Meaningful Filipino Journey

Choose Philippines
Choose Philippines | Mar 28, 2016
Take Your Feet on a Meaningful Filipino Journey

For Filipinos, a pair of slippers is probably the most versatile footwear.

Depending on the style, color, and accessories, we use it for going to the market, to school (unless there's a dress code), to the mall, and just anywhere, really. We use it as a doorstopper, floater, an integral part of the game "tumbang preso," and cockroach-killer. We even have the story of our national hero, Jose Rizal, throwing the other half of his pair when one dropped into the river. 

This summer, why not use a pair of tsinelas that's proudly Pinoy and makes you choose (the) Philippines? You don't only get to protect your feet but also take a piece of the country wherever you go! 


These are available at the following stores:

  • The ABS-CBN Store (
  • Robinsons Department Stores (men's footwear section)
  • Other Leading Department Stores Nationwide

Grab a pair now and travel in style with Choose Philippines!


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