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7 Secrets to Have the Best Summer Ever

Choose Philippines
Choose Philippines | Jun 03, 2016
7 Secrets to Have the Best Summer Ever

Summer travel and vacation need not be tedious and arduous when you identify and pack what toiletries are perfect to bring. Just think totally of fun in the sun but consider the temperature, humidity and, worst, scorch that can damage your skin! G Stuff, the Healthy Products Store, offers seven essential but very important travel beauty tips that will get you through this sunny season gorgeously.


Keep Your Skin Clean

Always bring your facial cleanser with you. This is an essential that you should never go out in a trip without. Make your hair manageable outdoors as you use a Moringa-based shampoo and conditioner. Though you can easily buy facial cleansers in convenience stores, it is always best that you bring a facial cleanser that's suitable for your skin.


Always Moisturize

In this sunny season, it is very important to always keep your skin moisturized.  Your skin dries up easily this summer that is why it best for you to always take a moisturizer with you. Use G Stuff Extremely Hydrating lotion that is best for any skin type.


Apply Lip Balm Even While on the Beach

Avoid chapped lips this summer and keep your lips hydrated by carrying a lip balm with you all the time. Carry the Choco Lip Balm and Choco Scrub. They leave no whitish, sticky or even waxy residue while achieving healthy soft lips.


Maintain a Refreshed Non-Greasy Skin

Humidity makes your skin to easily grease, and it is best to always feel fresh and keep your face shine-free. Blotting papers and absorbing sheets definitely help ease the grease.


Brighten Your Eyesight, Brighten Your ‘Staycation’

Bring some eye drops in your summer travel so you can lubricate your eyes every time it tires out. You may also want to rub some ice cubes around your eyes to lessen visible dark circles and puffiness. Suffice to that, the comforting atmosphere of any room, inn or cottage you’d choose to stay will be enhanced if you bring a space-clearing room mist to spray it in.

Linen and Room Mist


I Care For Great Hair 

Sea water is salty. It can wash off the natural shine of our hair. However not necessarily making it brittle, its natural moisture and shine will be washed off most especially when you spend more time enjoying the waves. Don’t leave home without a Moringa-based Shampoo and Conditioner. An oil spray for your hair will instantly retain your hair’s lost brilliance after you’ve rinsed. It nourishes scalp, strengthens hair follicles, even avoids tangle that you could easily flick through it. Above all they make hair healthy.


Healthy Make-up

Go out and have fun without make-up, just so your skin can breathe. But if you can’t go out with having a make-over, just use a press powder on top of your base moisturizer. Come on, you’re going to soak anyway.


G Stuff Healthy Store at Alabang Town Center, Rockwell Poweplant Mall and Trinoma has all your needs for a healthy summer. 

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