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Actual Farmville in the Philippines? Only in Davao del Norte!

Davao City

Ida Damo
Ida Damo | Jul 18, 2016
Actual Farmville in the Philippines? Only in Davao del Norte!

On Davao del Norte’s 49th founding year, all the province’s municipalities and agricultural players came together to showcase its bountiful harvest.

It was one big Farmville with every municipality and city having a native hut booth with all its agricultural products laid out.

It was fun going from one booth to another as each one represented the harvest of their location.  Vegetables and fruits shared the same space with processed food like vinegar, peanut butter, fruit jams and organic fertilizers to make their crops more productive.

There were common products such as varieties of bananas which the province is known for and vegetables like okra, squash, upo, string beans, and a lot more greens. 

Asuncion’s booth had "water spinach" or kangkong growing from a recycled containers. 

The city of Panabo where the Mariculture Park is located, came up with a set up of a fishpond with processed bangus on display.

San Isidro’s booth was in the shape of cacao which is its chief product.  First class Tablea or chocolate coin-shaped tablets were on sale.

Talaingod had baskets woven by the Talingod Manobo tribe.

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What was most delightful was the prices of goods on sale were very cheap, talk about farmgate price.


Davao del Norte is blessed with fertile lands to produce such bountiful harvest.  So next year when the province celebrates its anniversary, head off to the Davao del Norte Tourism and Sports Complex to get acquainted with the province’s produce and avail of the goods.

How to Get There:

The Davao del Norte Tourism and Sports Complex is located in Tagum City.  It is an hour road trip from Davao City. Major airlines fly daily to Davao City from Manila and Cebu.

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