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5 Unique Finds in Quiapo: Your One-stop Shop

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Choose Philippines | Oct 03, 2016
5 Unique Finds in Quiapo:  Your One-stop Shop

If the number of shopping crowd is any indication, Quiapo is indeed a haven for the wise shopper. Just be smart in negotiating for the best price. It is best to scout the area first before finally settling for a shop. Second and this is the fun part, practice your skills in haggling. All prices are negotiable. You will find people who are generally cheerful and in good spirits as you try to get the cheapest price you can get away with. Third if your charm did not work, be a good sport and turn down the sales person gently or pay the agreed final price. Just a caveat, as in any crowded place in any part of the globe, always be mindful of your personal belongings.

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Abundance of Diverse Fruits

After attending the mass at Quiapo Church, check out the variety of fruits available at the stalls of Plaza Miranda.

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Apple, rambutan, or dragon fruit, anyone? Wonderful to see a large selection of different kinds of fruits available at very affordable prices. Name it, they have it. Take your pick and buy some for your family before heading home.

Native Products 

Are you on a tight budget? Underneath the Quiapo bridge are dozens of various local products. Keep an eye on some unusual goods that would be perfect as a Christmas present. 

Religious Items

Walk your way to the kiosks at Plaza Miranda. Whichever direction you go, assorted products whether religious or otherwise, are available. 

Hidalgo Street

No need to fly to Hong Kong to buy your cameras or accessories. You can find reasonably priced cameras in this little street in Quiapo

Chinese Gold Cat and Rosary

Love potions, anting-anting/amulets side-by-side with rosaries, novena prayer books and images of saints? Yes that is distinctly Quiapo

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