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MaArte: Gigi Campos Mosaic Art

Choose Philippines
Choose Philippines | Aug 07, 2013

Gigi Campos is a self-taught mosaic artist who specializes in visual art. She creates each hand-crafted original in her Capitoville, Bacolod City studio.

In 1989 during her visit to Barcelona, Spain she was inspired by the works of Antonio Gaudi. Upon returning home, Gigi started working on a mosaic mural in Solana, her vacation home by the sea in Sipalay, Negros Occidental. After that there was no turning back.

Gigi’s fascination and love for mosaic art led her to seriously study the works of other mosaic artists whose passion for mosaic art she shares. She learned valuable techniques and principles from the books of well-known mosaic artists. Gigi was privileged to meet and talk to Sonia King during a visit to the Institute of Mosaic Art in San Francisco, California in 2011. During her stay in San Francisco, she took a workshop conducted by mosaic artist Xuan My Ho at her studio in Woodside, California.

Gigi’s first mosaic works were mainly functional pieces -- table tops, wall hangings and mirror frames, but last year her work took a turn away from purely functional art to fine art. She began to explore the endless possibilities of the medium making use of everything She learned as an interior designer, an off and on painter, and lifelong student of art and history.

Her pieces are created by exploring and using different materials like opaque, stained and mirrored glass; plain, patterned and textured ceramic tiles; broken china, glass beads; natural stones, pebbles and found objects. She finds inspiration for her work in nature, in her day to day experiences and travels. In creating mosaic art Gigi look at color, line, rhythm, pattern, scale and light - the same basic principles she have used in her almost 30 years practice as an interior designer.

If interested about Gigi Campos Mosaic Art, contact: Gigi Campos at (+63) 920-906-3467; (+63917-302-1944 or email [email protected]

Gigi Campos studio is located at 90 Tapulanga St., Capitolville, Bacolod City, 6100, Philippines.

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