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Choose Philippines | Aug 07, 2013

Hello! La Pomme Kids is the joyful daughter of La Pomme, the company I started in France in 2007, specializing in whimsical plushies and vintage French goodies. LPKids is about objects for the spaces of the 12-and-below pack. We're still in the process of stocking the shop, but you'll see that some of the stuff here I design and make myself, a few may be by European artists I've met along the way, and most are by Filipino artists and artisans whose works I am infatuated with. Because I'm back home after a decade and immersing myself in the artisan culture of Bohol where I now live, there is a definite preference for local material. Buri and rattan with lavender flowers and printed "bonjours" - an unusual mix, but hey LPKids is a child of the world!

Apol Massebieau

If interested about La Pomme, contact: Apol Massebieau at (+63) 917-715-1821 or visit

La Pomme is located at Tawala, Panglao, Bohol, Philippines.

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