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MaArte: TADECO's Handmade Crafts from Natural Fibers

Choose Philippines
Choose Philippines | Aug 09, 2013

TADECO or Tagum Agricultural Development Corporation, Inc. is known for its agricultural products like banana and is famous for its beautiful and high-class quality handmade products from natural fibers made into scrap books, picture frames, lanterns and other natural paper processed from banana, pineapple or abaca fibers made into stationeries, paper bags, gift-boxes, T’nalak weaves and other environment-friendly novelty items.

It also provides livelihood programs helping weavers in Lake Sebu, generating livelihood opportunities to banana workers of TADECO and their families and communities in the Panabo area as well as the squatter areas in Davao City.

For inquiries, you can contact: Juvenal S. Fernandez Damosa Market Basket, Lanang 8000 Davao City, Philippines Phone: +63 (082) 235 21 35 Fax: +63 (082) 234 05 86 Mobile: 0922 8145818 Email Address: [email protected] Website:

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