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Marble Rocks of Kitcharao

Agusan del Norte

Jeffrey Rilles
Jeffrey Rilles | Aug 14, 2013

My curiosity about Kitcharao was piqued because of those exquisite marble pieces I found at Hilltop Food House. It really is not good to judge a book by its cover – or in this case, a municipality by its category. Kitcharao is merely a third class municipality but its lands offer an abundance of marble and various mineral resources. That makes the place quite rich by Mother Nature’s standards! It is in Mt. Kabatuan that the highest number of marble deposits can be found but such rich deposits are also scattered across town and in neighbouring areas.

Still, Kitcharao can be considered a fledging in the marble production industry, with very little mining and development activities being undertaken. Although there are studies as far back as 1997 regarding the feasibility of establishing marble production in Kitcharao, a full-scale program has yet to be seen.

Today, the town is still considered almost purely an agricultural and a fishing community, although several tourist attractions have slowly paved the way to tourism in the area. Judging by the excellent craftsmanship exhibit by the sculptor who created my souvenir from HillTop Food House, it wouldn’t be too long before the marble products of Kitcharao will place it in the map.

I’m certainly going to be one of the people who would help promote this quiet yet beautiful little rich town. If ever marble mining and handicraft production will be established well in the town, this would surely boost tourism in the area. Such could create more jobs for the people plus a big addition to the economy of the place. Who knows? In the near future, Kitcharao may become a first class municipality!

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