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Dried Salted Squid: Your New Must-Bring Pasalubong from Sagay, Camiguin!


Ida Damo
Ida Damo | Jun 19, 2017
Dried Salted Squid: Your New Must-Bring Pasalubong from Sagay, Camiguin!

The pearl-shaped island of Camiguin is made up of five municipalities spread over approximately 238 square kilometers.  It is the second smallest island province in the Philippines and has seven active volcanoes.  It is popularly known as the island born of fire.

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Poblacion of the Municipality of Sagay has a delicacy that would rival that of the island’s famous pasalubong, the sweet-filled bun, pastel: Sagay has the crunchiest dried salted squid! Aside from its crackling-like quality and not so salty taste, what makes it more commendable is that it has augmented the income of the people in the community. It even has allowed for a student to graduate from college!

What used to be an alternative source of livelihood has become the community’s pride.

The sea surrounding the whole island of Camiguin is full of its bounty.  Just on the shore of Poblacion is a rich fishing ground for squid. After fishing, the squid is washed thoroughly, its entrails removed to process into dayok, the eyes and teeth are removed because this is what makes it bitter, and then it is processed then dried under the heat of the sun, reaching anywhere from a day and a half to 2 days.

The dried squid is then packed in clear plastic cellophane. During April to November a 100 gram pack would cost Php100.00 but from December to March, a pack would cost PhP60. This is due to the availability of squid.

One pack would have 25 pieces of dried salted small squid. 

When you buy a pack of dried salted squid, you not only get a taste of the Camiguin sea’s bounty, but help a community.

How to get there:
Manila to Camiguin (by plane)
There are several airlines who have flights from Manila to Camiguin.
Cagayan de Oro to Camiguin (by plane then Roro)
•    Flights from Manila to Cagayan de Oro are available
•    Ferry from Cagayan de Oro to Benoni, Camiguin 
Bohol to Camiguin (by plane then Roro)
•    Flights from Manila to Bohol are available
•    Ferry from Jagna, Bohol to Benoni, Camiguin
Cebu to Camiguin (by plane then Roro)
•    Flights from Manila to Cebu are available
•    Ferry from Cebu City to Camiguin

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