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#ParaKayEx: Lessons On Travel, Heartbreak, And Moving On

Choose Philippines
Choose Philippines | Mar 13, 2018

Different people have different ways of getting over their exes: some eat, others drink, many party endlessly. However, for nearly everyone hoping to get over their ex-lover, ex-boss, ex-best friend, or ex-whatever, the simple answer is to just move on, whether physically or mentally, from the person causing you pain. Of course, all of that is easier said than done, so here comes along a book that will hopefully encourage you to move on.

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“Para Kay Ex,” written by Beau Ang, is a new activity book that’s meant to be used and abused, and is meant to absorb all the frustrations you have regarding any of your exes. The book contains many adages and advice on moving on, as well as comedic observations about people attempting to move on from the woes. It’s a new kind of activity book that knows when to be serious without taking itself too seriously. It’s best read on a bus to somewhere far away as you reminisce on how much you detest your ex. Take this book with you on your next travels, and feel your anguish, anger, and annoyance all slip away.


Get a copy of Beau Ang’s new book—with a foreword by Angelica Panganiban—at your nearest bookstore for only Php 195.

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