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Shampoo Bars?! Davao Has An All-Natural Herbology That Makes This!

Davao City

Ida Damo
Ida Damo | Oct 26, 2018
Shampoo Bars?!  Davao Has An All-Natural Herbology That Makes This!
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Ria and Kit Guinto

Siblings Ria and Kit Guinto have always explored the possibilities of making and producing organic things.  After graduating from college, they have worked with corporations but still the itch to experiment has not been curbed.  Finally, they resigned from their jobs and came up with Herbology--- an apothecary that produces all-natural shampoos and soaps.

They also have Emerald, who is in-charge of branding and marketing and logistics for orders outside of Davao City.  


If you are a huge fan of Harry Potter, you can deduce that yes, the siblings named their lab into an apothecary and the process and name of the company into Herbology.  

They do not want to call their products organic as not all ingredients are organic but they are sticklers to using only plant- based natural ingredients that would not do harm to the environment.

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Their first products which came out 5 years ago, were given as gifts to friends and relatives until they decided to sell it just this year.  Their permits are still on process.

What has come out of the apothecary so far?  When you mix everything homemade and a little magic, you get whimsically named soaps with divine ingredients.

Practical Magic Face Bar


There is a face bar named Practical Magic that has activated charcoal and tea tree oil.  The activated charcoal removes the toxins, reduces skin impurities while the tea tree oil prevents dryness.  Good combination for those who are acne prone.

Other ingredients of the Practical Magic are olive oil, distilled water, coconut oil, lye, cocoa butter, grapeseed, soybean oil, castor oil and sodium lactate. (PhP80 for 60gram bar)



A soap bar named Black Friday that is a mix of olive oil, rainwater, coconut oil, palm oil, castor oil, grapeseed oil, lavender essential, and activated charcoal.  So yes… it is black but it does not make you dark.



There is still a whole line of soaps with natural ingredients like mangosteen, coffee, cocoa butter, avocado, coconut milk, pink Himalayan salt, and the likes that would moisturize, clear pimples, fight microbes, heal dry and sensitive skin and other benefits. 

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The shampoo bars are also enchantingly named like Dark Nectar which has dark beer, cocoa butter, and vanilla. Please do not drink it although it smells deliciously so.  The combination of beer and vanilla actually gives your hair volume.  I will be trying this out on my skinhead do after I use up my traditional shampoo which I have had for more than 3 months now.



Protego shampoo bar has apple cider vinegar (ACV) and rosemary essential oil designed to protect, heal, and strengthen your hair.  The microbial properties of the shampoo prevent dandruff.  PhP120 for the 55-gram bar and PhP150 for the 70-gram bar. 



More different formulations of the shampoo and the soap bars will be coming out soon.  Ria and Kit are constantly experimenting on their recipes and how each ingredient affects the other.  They also use whatever is abundant during season like the blue ternate pea flowers or the mangosteen shell for color and texture.

Watch out for the conditioner, luxury items, and the zero-waste products that would roll out soon from the apothecary.



Did I tell you that the shampoo and soap bars are wrapped in paper?  Ria and Kit loves the environment that much and so no to single use plastics, zero-waste, and only all-natural ingredients.  

Do checkout the Herbology Soap and Shampoo Bars on Facebook while their official website is in the works.
Happy shampooing and soaping!

How to get there:
Major airlines have multiple daily flights to Davao City from Manila and Cebu.
For now, place your orders for meetups at 0998-972-9665.

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