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This Proudly Pinoy Furniture Brand Tells the Story of the Philippines Through their Masterpieces

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Marie Francia
Marie Francia | Oct 24, 2018
This Proudly Pinoy Furniture Brand Tells the Story of the Philippines Through their Masterpieces
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At a time when nationalism is in question, an unparalleled display of pride for our roots is exactly what our beloved country needs right now – and that’s exactly what our local artisans are here for.

From little trinkets, to essential oils, to bags and shoes up to gigantic pieces of furniture – our race can finally say that we got one of those in our country made with love and pure pride.

A masterpiece out of local woods and Filipino craftsmanship is where the focus is right now. We’ve got a lot of excellent furniture giants in the country like Kenneth Cobonpue whose take on furniture art is unique and out of this world and Vito Selma with his striking contemporary masterworks.

But when it comes to fine and top tier woodwork, one name keeps on emerging – EADE (Espinosa Arts and Design). It’s the brainchild of artist Clifford Espinosa and entrepreneur Allan L. Cristobal of ALC Holdings, Co.


Master Artist Clifford Espinosa


Out of love for all things Filipino, EADE has devoted themselves to produce furniture pieces inspired by the historical narratives of the country including festivities around Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao, our culture and our way of living. Symbolic objects and items can also be found in some of their collection.

While the brand is mainly about furniture, they are also committed to highlighting the environmental-friendly production of pieces as well. As an environmentalist, Espinosa is serious about his ways of crafting his art. No single nail has ever seen his collections.  Sophisticated wood twisting and building puzzle-like pieces are his forte. He also makes use of upcycled wood to continue with his philosophy of creating furniture responsibly and with sustainability as his utmost priority.


The Balangay


“It is important for me to seamlessly link past, present, and future, which is why each piece has a clear intention and a clear story. When you dismantle a piece and are left with its parts, it is my wish that each of these interlocking pieces can be reused again—as their owners intend for them to be used—so that nothing ever gets wasted or lost in time. Nothing ever needs to be destroyed; each piece forms part of a continuum that tells the story of the past, the present, and the future. Memories are preserved; memories are retained and passed on for all time. In today’s day and age, where memories are reduced to digitized bits, it’s important that memories become tangible—that you can actually touch, hold, and embrace them,” the artist himself, Clifford Espinosa shared.

EADE made history as well with their classic creation of the Metro Manila Film Festival 2017 trophies. It was entirely made of wood with a symbolic film reel and a digital play button. It also has a traditional clapper to marry every element into the design.


The Metro Manila Film Festival 2017 trophy by EADE
The Metro Manila Film Festival 2017 trophy by EADE


Remarkable parts of their collection are chairs that don’t easily look like your usual kind. One of which is the Lesbak Bamboo – an ergonomic masterpiece made from coal bamboo. At first glance, it looks like a chair made out of skeleton but it does comfortably accommodate almost every way you can sit. Another part of the chairs collection is the Trono. It was part of the “100 Chairs Around the World” exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Manila. This particular chair has holes on the base to support better sitting position.


The Lesbak Bamboo chair
The Trono


For decades, our native makers have been constantly finding their place in the industry. The matter of acceptance in our own soil and the struggles of keeping up with the production given the limited access to resources are just some of the widely known problems they have to face. But, you see, the resiliency of our dear kababayans is what made the tables finally turn. Proudly Pinoy-made goods are slowly making their way to the podium and into the global scene with much reverence.

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