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One Sunny Afternoon Spent At A Local Crafts Market in the Heart of Manila

Metro Manila

Gari Sy Rivera
Gari Sy Rivera | Oct 17, 2019

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5 October 2019 marked the day of We Art Intramuros, an arts and crafts market held by art hub Puesto Manila featuring Filipino products and creative finds at the beautiful grounds of Puerta Real Gardens, Intramuros, Manila. The sun and cloudy skies perfectly lit the market and its activities, wherein locals and tourists of Intramuros got the chance to roam around the area and discover items that cater to the artistic and Filipino soul. The old garden walls and historical Intramuros vibe added aesthetic of the market’s theme of local creativity and curation.

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Vendors here were mostly Filipino artists and entrepreneurs, showcasing an array of talent and skill through their products that are locally produced and eco-friendly, such as handwoven baskets made in Quezon, bags, and items of clothing made out of flour sacks, and notebooks and stationery materials made out of recycled paper.

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Twenty-one year old attendee Alyssa Gallano shares that she enjoyed finding unordinary products. “Sa mga makikita mo ditong mga gamit, mapapaalala ka talaga na there’s so much to discover of Filipino talent and creativity, there are things na ‘di mo makikita basta-basta sa mga ibang lugar,” she adds, “Ang saya lang rin ng vibes dito, it’s so artsy and chill. Definitely, babalik ako dito if they were to do it again.” (“You will really be reminded that there’s so much to discover of Filipino talent and creativity, there are things here that you won’t really find in usual places. The vibe here is really fun too, artsy and chill. I’ll definitely come back if they were to do it again.”)

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We Art Intramuros also kept the market interactive by presenting free workshops that attendees could participate in with the vendors, these included lessons in acrylic painting, soapmaking, leathercraft, and basic calligraphy. The market fair’s energy was continuously active as guests and engaged with the many booths and stands across the grounds, even in the middle of the garden’s field with live performing artists such as painters and musicians.

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A market fair celebrating Philippine creations wouldn’t be complete without the Pinoys’ favorite F word- food! The lineup included Filipino favorites of traditional and unique flavors, street food, fruit shakes, Filipino rice-dishes like Caldereta, Sisig, and many more. Local handcrafted ice cream and beer were present as well for those wanted to try something new.

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Recognizing and promoting Filipino creations should be a continuous effort by all, whether it’s through attending local events such as We Art Intramuros, or simply supporting products and art made for the Filipinos, by the Filipinos.

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