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Top 5 Baguio Pasalubongs!


Renzelle Ann Palma
Renzelle Ann Palma | Apr 30, 2013

One place in the itinerary of Filipinos every summer that never goes amiss is definitely BAGUIO! Some even make it a tradition to go each year for family outings or for the yearly barkada bonding. Of course, the Baguio experience will never be complete without the pasalubongs to take home after a wonderful vacation. Here are our choices for the most wanted pasalubongs at the Summer Capital of the Philippines!

1. Strawberries. Baguio is very well known for this fruit just as much as they are with the Lion’s head at Kennon Road. One activity that we never get tired of is strawberry picking at the Strawberry Farm in La Trinidad, Benguet (just 30 minutes outside of Baguio City) where we can don a farmer’s hat and harvest strawberries to our heart’s desire. From strawberry jam to strawberry taho, there are a lot of by-products that you can also choose from.

2. Flowers. In a city where flowers in bloom is celebrated in a month long festivity (Panagbenga), it is a no brainer that flowers are one of their main products. The cool temperature of Baguio is perfect for growing and breeding a variety of beautiful flowers. From roses to gerberas, all of these you can find in the local market for quarter of the cost you’ll normally pay for in your favorite flower shop. Take home a piece of Baguio through fresh flowers and decorate your own home with them.

3. Sagada Oranges. Remember those big, juicy and too sweet “Sagada oranges” offered to you at the local market? Fake. Those are actually oranges imported from China and are taking advantage of the emerging Sagada tourism. Real Sagada oranges are small to medium in size with uneven color and texture. The authentic oranges are also not too sweet and have the perfect balance of sourness to them. These locally grown oranges from Sagada can be bought at a local Baguio market for 50-80php per kilo. Do not be fooled.

4. Raisin Bread. You know a product is good when you have to wait for hours to get it, right? This holds true for the Raisin Bread that can be bought at Baguio Country Club. Tip: Best to make a trip to BCC ahead to have some reserved and to get them freshly baked. If you go there through walk in, there’s a 90% chance that none is left especially during peak season. Another tip: This raisin bread? All worth the trouble.

5. UBE JAM! Yes, in capitalized letters and a punctuation to pronounce our love for this purple confection. What is commonly a favorite “fiesta food” in the country is now sealed in a bottle of heaven. Top a spoonful on a homemade halo halo or just eat it right off the jar, this purple yam is in three words: to die for!

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