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4 Tips For An Awesome Beach Trip, By The Hosts of 'Beached'

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Choose Philippines | May 24, 2018
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Summer may be coming to a close, but that doesn't mean we can't squeeze out some last bits of fun at the beach!

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Here are a few tips to make sure that those last moments of summer are memorable, and not terrible!

Use Sunblock

This comes as a no-brainer, especially in a hot country like the Philippines. However, it's easily one of the most forgotten item in anyone's travel bag. Make sure to get a good, non-sticky moisturizer with high SPF, for both your body and your face!


Wear A Good Pair Of Sunglasses

Another no-brainer, but not as obvious as the first one. Many people already have this in their arsenal and use it daily. However, what many fail to remember is that UV protection—many sunglasses may dim the sun, but not all of them can reflect back those pesky UV rays!


Wear Booties!

Generally, make sure to keep your feet covered all the time. The sand may be hiding rocks or sharp objects that can easily puncture or wound you, and an infection at the beach is never a fun experience. If you can't find booties, slippers will suffice, just make sure your feet are protected!


Stay Hydrated

Last and most important is to keep water with you at all times. It's easy to forget since you're having so much fun, but you can quickly get dehydrated by staying out in the sun! So make sure your reusable bottle is in hand, and swim to your heart's content!


Watch the short episode here:

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