800 Manila Residents Now See the World Clearly

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Choose Philippines | Feb 25, 2015
800 Manila Residents Now See the World Clearly

A 40-year-old ice cream vendor who got to wear glasses for the first time, said it was like the clouds that had covered the sun were finally blown away and she was able to see earth's star at its brightest. She said she always thought her blurry vision was normal and could not be made better.

An 80-year old woman, who still likes to live life to the fullest, the new, better-fitting eyeglasses meant she could still be as active and independent as she hoped and wanted to be with the significant improvement in her vision.

These two residents of Punta, Santa Ana, Manila along with more than 800 others were the beneficiaries of a recent screening for eye problems conducted by the Integrated Philippine Association of Optometrists, Inc. (IPAO). Through the efforts of Robinsons Malls, 34 optometrist members of IPAO gave their time and services for free. 

Patients ranged from the young to the elderly. They also included persons with disability (PWDs).

Of those screened, more than 700 residents were found to be in need of glasses. Some needed to start wearing glasses for the first time, others required double-vision eye glasses (to see near and far) while others had to replace their old glasses that were no longer appropriate for their condition. 

After the screening, the volunteer optometrists wrote prescriptions that were immediately filled. Robinsons Malls had the eyeglasses custom-made and were distributed a week later to the beneficiaries.

Roseann Villegas, director for corporate public relations of Robinsons Land Corporation, said they decided to launch the eyeglasses project because “we believe it is important that one has good vision. If you see better, then you can work better. You also become more self-confident and sociable. You can study and learn more because you are able to read better.”

Villegas said the project was simply tailor-fitting corporate social responsibility initiatives to actual needs of potential beneficiaries. “In the next few months, we are planning to conduct series of eye screening and check up in several cities all over the country.  We hope that in the years to come there will be more Filipinos who will enjoy a brighter vision and therefore will be more productive and useful," says Ms. Villegas.

The Gift of Change (TGOC) project is a coin bank donation campaign initiated by Robinsons Malls which aims to assist the needy. TGOC coin banks are strategically located inside participating stores of 39 Robinsons Malls nationwide.  

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