4 Ways to Help Nepal: Just One Click Away

Meyn Stay
Meyn Stay | Apr 29, 2015
4 Ways to Help Nepal: Just One Click Away

We've all heard the news about Nepal's destruction and demise. We've all spoken our prayers. And now, it's time to send our help. Whether you are a 10 minute ride away to a foundation or miles away at home, there is always a way you can help. Browse through these organizations, take a moment to look at how they will send your help and in what forms and then select the best one for you. Help.



For Red Cross, Monetary, In-Kind, SNS [text] and Online Donations are accepted. 

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For UNICEF, Monetary, In-Kind, SNS [text], Over-Counter Donations and Online Donations

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For World Food Programme, they accept Monetary donations.
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For World Vision, you can donate money or any basic/urgent needs. 

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Photo by: Bryan Dupler via Flickr


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