Peace Painting: A Creative Way to Unite the World

Meyn Stay
Meyn Stay | May 04, 2015

Originating from Norway, the Peace Painting Foundation [PPF] finally arrives in Manila. Peace Painting is a foundation that lets the youth express themselves in the context of equality and peace through intuitive painting. 

Hailing from Norway, they travel to different countries such as France, North Korea, Sri Lanka, etc. to promote peace through the use of colors. They invite local foundations for the youth to come in at one of their sessions and help their artistic talents to emerge and their concept of peace to be illustrated. 



When children attend the workshop, the PPF explains the Maslow's hierarchy of needs together with the concept of colors and chakra. They are given a canvas, brushes and different colors to paint afterwards. Their goal in the workshop is to create images which defines peace within their voice and vision. Throughout the process, the people of PPF help in guiding the children to make the best out of their own work.

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Once the painting is done, PPF frames the work and gives the children a choice. They either keep the painting or  display them in different galleries. Gallery exhibits happen in different parts of the world where Peace Painting had visited.



Some of the paintings made in Manila will be shown in a gallery event while paintings from abroad will be shown in a Manila exhibit. As paintings get exchanged around the world they become a symbol of peace.

Moreover, to spread the goodwill even further, PPF elects a youth representative to be an ambassador of their country to promote Peace Painting. The youth ambassador travels with the PPF to another country and shares his experience in crafting his own symbol of peace so the current youth-artists can express themselves fully by hearing from an experienced peer. 



PPF tapped Bridge Builders foundation existing both in Manila and Norway to make their trip possible. Bridge Builder is a foundation dedicated to helping street children to get out of the slums and get into a better life. Together with other foundations such as:  Samahan ng mga Nanay ng Julian Felipe [SNN], Laura Vicuna Foundation Inc, ERDA Foundation, Tahanan Outreach Project and Service Inc. [TORS], Alouette Foundation of the Philippines Inc.

A lot of beautiful images have emerged from this workshop. We only hope more people would take notice and follow by Peace Painting Foundation's example and the rest of the foundations helping the youth. 

For more information, you can visit their site via:

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