Besides Ati-Atihan, There's More Reason To Visit Kalibo, Aklan


Aris Mape
Aris Mape | Sep 11, 2017

In less than a day, we explored the town with the help of Sharon and Eden from the Kalibo Tourism Office. And to make going around easy, we took the tricycle of Kuya Bernie, who happens to be the president of the Kalibo Tricycle Drivers and Guides Association (KATRIDGA). This is a group of local drivers who were trained to do tour guiding, complete with kits and refurbished tricycles, for a sustainable livelihood.

Our first stop was the 200-hectare Bakhawan Eco-Park. This mangrove forest, the most beautiful I’ve seen around the country, is the product of more than 20 years of reforestation led by the Kalibo Save the Mangrove Association (KASAMA). The main attraction at the eco-park is a one-kilometer walkway that leads to a wide stretch of mangrove plantation. It’s a leisure walk with a breathtaking scenery of muddy grounds reflecting the slender mangroves rising to the sky.

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At the end of the walkway, you can have a taste of the exotic tamilok, a cylindrical mollusk that the locals harvest from decaying mangrove. The delicacy is cultured in a dedicated area. Rotting mangrove trunks are left submerged in water until they are ready for harvest. The locals crack it open with an axe, and then slowly pull out the mollusk from the wood, wash it, and soak it in coconut vinegar (tuba). Then it’s ready for eating--right there and then. It tastes like oyster, they say.

The top local product of Aklan is cloth made from a special variety of pineapple. Piña weaving has been thriving for many years and is well established in the communities around the province. To introduce us to the tedious work of transforming pineapples to cloth and end products like barong and bags, Kuya Bernie drove us to the weaving facility of La Herminia, one of the popular names in the piña weaving industry in Aklan. There, we saw large looms and workers in different stages of the weaving process. Read more here.

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