Addam’s Haven: Former MILF Camp Is Newest Tourist Spot In Tarragona, Davao Oriental

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Ida Damo
Ida Damo | Nov 24, 2017
Addam’s Haven: Former MILF Camp Is Newest Tourist Spot In Tarragona, Davao Oriental

The Farm Tourism Development Act of 2016 provides for the development and promotion of farm tourism in the Philippines.  It values agriculture in the economic and cultural development of the country and promotes environment-friendly, efficient, and sustainable farm practices. 

For a farm to qualify, aside from farm activities, it should have alternative recreation facilities for families, students, and other clients.


Addam’s Haven in Tarragona, Davao Oriental aims to be the first accredited farm tourism area in the whole of Davao Region.

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Situated in the mountainous boundary of Mati City and the municipality of Tarragona, Addam’s used to be a conflict area in Davao Oriental.  Elements of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) used to occupy the place.  
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With the development of Addam’s Haven into a farm tourism area, the MILF and the owners of the farm have worked hand-in-hand to maintain peace and have coordinated in the production of the farm’s coffee, abaca, and other produce.

When you stay at the farm, be prepared for fogs that envelop the area in the early morning and late afternoon.  When it rains, expect to be chattering when you are not warmly bundled up.

The best way to stave off the cold is a cup or two of the native coffee or turmeric tea that the farm produces from its grounds.

On a bright sunny day, follow the course of the river on a river trek or harvest coffee berries and learn the process of coffee making.  To make your experience more memorable, plant a coffee tree or any of the indigenous trees.

The surrounding hills at the Addam’s Haven are a second-growth forest and are a declared sanctuary for the Philippine Eagle.

The farm is also home to a serpent eagle, a cockatoo, a monkey, and horses that you can ride on. There’s a pond of Kois to gaze on when you want a more tranquil activity while at the farm.

Fruit trees, forest trees, and ornamental plants are everywhere which makes for a relaxing feast for the eyes and also accounts for a cool area for the cottages located on one of its hills.

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The native cottages can accommodate from two people to a dozen.  Cottage rates start at PhP1,000 to 2,500 overnight.  Open cottages rates start at PhP200-700.

If you want to take a swim or a dip, the flowing spring water of its swimming pool is the perfect place to ease out the tired muscles.

For an entrance fee of PhP50 for adults and PhP25 for children below 12 years old, you can enjoy different activities from river trekking to horseback riding or just relax in the cool and restful atmosphere of Addam’s Haven.

Peace is possible after war, you see. 

How to get there:

Major airlines have daily flights to Davao City from Manila and Cebu.
To get to Addam’s Haven, take the bus to Mati City (PhP240) from the Davao City Overland Transport Terminal. Travel time is 4-5 hours.

From Mati City, take a van to Tarragona and have you dropped off at the entrance to Addam’s Haven at Barangay Ompao.  It is just around 20 minutes from downtown Mati.

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