Where You Should Go For a Sunflower Walk

South Cotabato

Ida Damo
Ida Damo | May 25, 2018
Where You Should Go For a Sunflower Walk
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What was once started in 1995 as a Chrysanthemum farm has now turned into a 13-hectare flower and vegetable Agri-Tourism Park.  Out of the 13, only 8-hectares of the Mariano’s Blooming Agri-Tourism Park is open to the public and is  planted with sunflowers, roses, anthuriums, chrysanthemums, and other flowering plants and vegetables.

The most attractive feature is the rows upon rows of sunflowers of different heights, diameters, and colors.  For mother’s day this year, the plots were formed into I LOVE MOM.  It is a fitting tribute to the sunshine of our lives, our moms.

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Yes, you read it right the first time that sunflowers come in different colors like the plantation’s maroon red.
The maroon red sunflowers remain in bloom longer than the yellow ones and are taller at 5 feet and eight inches tall. 

Every 10 days, sunflowers are planted to maintain constant blooms but after the main season in May, the park closes for 3 months or until September when the next batches bloom.

TRIVIA: Sunflowers are hyperaccumulators or they have the ability to take up large amounts of toxic materials from their environment. (

During the off season, the park is open only on weekends while during the peak season the park is open from Monday to Sunday at 6am-6pm.  Entrance Fees: Weekdays: Adults PhP50/Children PhP30.  Weekends: Adults PhP70/Children PhP50.

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Aside from the sunflowers, there is an aviary with brightly-colored Sun Conure parrots that you can have photos with.  A mini-restaurant serves food and drinks that can quench your thirst and feed your hungry tummy.

You can buy vegetables, cutflowers of roses, anthuriums, chrysanthemums, and sunflowers, seedlings, and sunflower seeds for consumption to bring home. 

Be sure to contact them at 0997-204-2560 before going to the park to ensure that it is open.

Blooming Fields sure is a patch of sunshine in Tupi, South Cotabato.

How to get there:

Major airlines fly daily to General Santos City from Manila and Cebu.  Take a bus to Poblacion Tupi in South Cotabato or a private vehicle.  Travel time is 30 minutes or less.
Mariano’s Blooming Agri-Tourism Park is at Purok 3A, Poblacion Tupi, South Cotabato. 

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