Did You Know You Can Pick Grapes In This Popular Summer Destination?

La Union

Choose Philippines
Choose Philippines | May 28, 2018
Did You Know You Can Pick Grapes In This Popular Summer Destination?
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By Chris Clemente

I used to think grape vines can only be found in dreamy locations like Napa or the South of France, and only for the purpose of making them into the velvety liquid we enjoy on occasion like parties or a Friday night. But I was recently proven wrong by a trip to one of our hottest (literally and figuratively) summer destinations in the country—La Union or eLyU to the younger crowds.

Just 3.5 hours north of the bustling city of Manila, you can slow your life down for a while and seize the day as a farmer and harvest fruits in season like grapes and guavas in the town of Bauang.

Gapuz Grapes Farm has been around for about 30 years now, and just recently, four years ago, they opened up a portion of their farmland to the public for grape picking.

The Gapuz family has perfected growing their grapes into the sweet globes they are now, and patrons of the Pick and Pay will be pleased with not just the novelty of harvesting their own bunches of grapes, but also the quality of the fruits.

Some tips before you visit the farm:

  1. Wear comfy but still OOTD-friendly clothes

The scenery is not just ripe for harvesting, but also of taking loads of pictures for that Insta-worthy feed of yours. Each aisle, vine, and corner of the farm can be a good place to snap that perfect shot.

2. Wear shoes that you don’t mind dirtying

When we went there this May, the soil was of the muddy kind and while it’s not mushy enough to sink your whole foot, there will be remnants of the soil on your footwear. Strongly advise you to wear rubber shoes or slippers (for easy cleaning).

3. Bring friends

Experience is best shared with good company, and this one is no different. It’s not very often we find our city-selves in the middle of harvest season in a place like this so make a day of it with people you want to share conversations with. After all, where else can you gossip and actually say you heard it through the grapevine.


How to get there: 

For directions to the farm and other information, you can visit their Instagram

Photos by Chris Clemente

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