For a Calming Summer Vibe, Here are Some South Cotabato Blooming Flowers

South Cotabato

Flowers can influence people in a lot of ways. They are not mere decorative features that we put inside and around our homes nor are they only a form of a gift that we give to a beloved person. Flowers have a much larger role and the ability to influence us on a much deeper level.

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Flowers have the capacity to affect us in a grandiose way that we are often not aware of.  Sometimes, the mere presence of flowers is enough to influence our mood and give us a positive boost. Thus, the Mariano’s Blooming Agri-Tourism Park in Purok 3A, Poblacion Tupi, South Cotabato is the place to be for a refreshing and calming summer vibe.

Due to the pandemic, the management decided to temporarily close the park for safety reasons. However, on their Facebook page, the Agri-Tourism Park still gives people a glimpse of the dazzling and beautiful blooming flowers in different heights, diameters, and colors. Their fresh market remains open and continues to sell fresh vegetables.

The 13-hectare flower and vegetable Agri-Tourism Park is filled with sunflowers, roses, anthuriums, chrysanthemums, and other flowering plants and vegetables that are in full bloom this summer season. The blooming flowers at the park are a reminder that for something to bloom beautifully, we must wait patiently. The management is looking forward to sharing the beautiful view to everyone again someday when these trying times are over.

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