AKLAN: White Sands & Wild Streetdancing!

What to See & Do:

• Ati-atihan Festival, Kalibo – Lonely Planet calls it “the Philippines’ most famous fiesta,” and for good reason. Don’t just watch on the sidelines; join the throng of vibrantly costumed performers; dance on the streets to the tunes of thousands of drums and lyres!

• Boracay Island, Malay – World-famous white beaches & party places. Need we say more?

• Piña weaving, Kalibo – Aklan is the country’s chief and oldest producer of piña, the Queen of Philippine Fabrics.

• Bakhawan Eco-Park, Kalibo – One of Asia’s most successful mangrove reforestation projects.

• Afga Wave Rocks, Tangalan – As if the waves froze into stone as they neared the shore.

• Ati-Ati Festival, Ibajay – Supposedly older & more authentic than the more famous feast in Kalibo!

• Pangihan Bat Cave, Malay – Steeped in age (200 million years) and filled with bats.

• Cliff jumping, Buruanga – Ariel’s Point is a short boat ride from Boracay.

• Trekking, Madalag – Cross 9 rivers and streams & trek for 3 hours to reach the Liktinon white boulders.

• Nabas cold springs – Take your pick: Hurom-hurom, Basang, Manyuko.

• River rafting, Libacao – Aklan’s rugged frontier; it’s chilly up there in the mountains!

What & Where to Eat:

• Various Kalibo street stalls for various kinds of BBQ (including bread BBQ!)

• RML Manukan for inihaw & affordable & fresh talaba

• Ramboys for sinful liempo & lechon

• Tokanz for la paz batchoy & lomi

• Bakhawan Eco-Park for kinilaw-style tamilok (wood “worms” that are actually elongated clams)

• Homemade inubarang manok


• Crispy shrimp (all-time favorite)

• Kalibo’s sweet longganisa

• Pastillas

• Ibos, ambueong, latik, dagusdos (varieties of suman)

• Banana & camote chips

How to Get There

From Manila, you can fly to Kalibo (estimated cost of Php3,000++, round trip, one hour). From Kalibo Airport, you can ride a tricycle and ask to be dropped off at your destination. If coming from Boracay/Caticlan, ride a van to Kalibo (estimated cost of Php100-200, two hours).

Philippine Airlines flies daily to Kalibo. Book your flight now only at PAL.

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