15 Reasons Why You Should Visit Tibiao, Antique


Belle Piccio
Belle Piccio | May 16, 2014

1) Tibiao Bakery


Have a taste of the pastry of the first bakeshop in Tibiao, Antique. It provides affordable yet outstanding products that can compete regionally and globally.

The bakery's known for its specialties, Filipino classics such as ensaymada, pandesal, and pan de coco.

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2) Tibiao Fish Spa

The “TheraFish” of Tibiao Fish Spa.

Have a tickling experience at this spa! It might just be the most affordable fish spa in the world, using locally bred “TheraFish.” Experience the relaxing sensation of hundreds of little fish nibbling on your feet like minute masseurs.

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3) Kawa Hot Bath

Choose Philippines Visayas Editor Belle Piccio trying out the Kawa Hot Bath.

Enjoy a unique and relaxing experience. Relieve your body from stress by bathing in a kawa hot bath.

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4) Lambaklad Fishing

Freshly caught fish from Lambaklad Fishing.

Learn lambaklad fishing. "Lambaklad" is a portmanteau of “lambat” (net) and “baklad” (fish corral). Tibiao has good fishing grounds, and the town's waters are believed to serve as the highway of migratory fish like barracuda, tangigue, swordfish, and sardines, to name a few.

5) Nature Trekking to the Waterfalls

Tuno River.

Hike along the murmuring streams of Tuno River and hidden rice terraces to Bugtong Bato Falls. The river is part of the Tibiao River System, and flows from Mt. Madja-as and the Bugtong-bato Falls.

6) Bugtong-bato Falls

Photo by Tonzie Gay.

For adventurers and nature lovers, get your hike's worth at the cascading Bugtong-bato Falls. It's a seven-tiered body of water located at Brgy. Tuno, Tibiao.

7) Pottery and Brick Making

Fresh clay being formed into a pot.

Discover the art of creating handmade pots and bricks in Brgy. Bandoja. This small village is blessed with 450,000 metric tons of clay reserves.

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8) White Water River Kayaking

White Water River Kayaking

The Tibiao River is one of the best white water rivers in the Philippines. It boasts of crystal clear waters suitable for white water rafting or kayaking at various grades of difficulty. It hosted the first “International Kayaking Cup” in 1997 initiated by Tribal Adventures, Inc.

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9) Sunset at Tiguis Beach

Sunset-viewing at Tiguis Beach, photo courtesy of Flord Nicson Calawag.

End your day with the sunset at Tiguis Beach, which is also famous for its white cliff off its shore, the canopy of trees, and of course, the cool blue sea.

10) Butong River

Enjoying the waterspa; photo courtesy of Flord Nicson Calawag.

The river is named after the most abundant species of bamboo along its banks, the “butong.” What makes this place unique is the presence of the biggest boulder in town, which serves a great place to experience rock climbing, boulder diving, and a natural water spa.

11) Tibiao Eco-Adventure Park Zip Trip

Photo by Tonzie Gay.

The Tibiao Zip Trip is a 2-way zipline, each with a 500-m cable, making it the longest in Panay Island.

12) Malakagat Hanging Bridge and Tigbaboy Hanging Bridge

Photo by Tonzie Gay.

From this swaying hanging bridge, you’ll have a picturesque view of the white water river of Tibiao and the cone-shaped mountain of Brgy. Tuno.

The Tigbaboy is a 65-meter suspension bridge which holds the distinction of being the first hanging bridge in town.

13) Tibiao Native Products

photo by Tonzie Gay.

Shop at Centro Sur, Tibiao where you’ll find all the native products made in Antique such as banigs, bayongs, hats, gift boxes, and bayong bags.

14) Zorbing at Tibiao River

Enjoy a 21-meter rolling or a 7-second zorbing down the Tibiao River. These orbs used are good for two riders.

15) Habal-habal or Sky-love

Habal-habal; photo by Flord Nicson Calawag of

Riding a habal-habal is the fastest mode of transportation to the mountains of Antique. It's also known as “sky-love,” because once you ride the motorcycle, it feels like you're going to heaven, and the passengers who regularly ride with the driver fall in love with each other. Lore has it that some eventually get married!

How to Get There

Antique is accessible from major cities of the country through Iloilo City, from where buses leave for San Jose, the province's capital town. Travel time is approximately 2 hours.

From Manila, you can fly to Iloilo (estimated cost of Php3,000++, round trip, one hour). From Iloilo Airport, you can hail a cab and ask to be dropped off at your destination.

Mr. Flord Nicson Calawag contributed to this article. He's the owner of Tibiao Fish Spa and Katahum Tours and a marine fisheries graduate of the University of the Philippines in the Visayas (UPV) in Miag-ao, Iloilo.

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