The Charie Chronicles: Tacloban Day 1

Leyte, Samar,

Belle Piccio
Belle Piccio | May 29, 2014
Day 1: May 20, 2014

Charie is excited to fly from Manila to Tacloban onboard Philippine Airlines at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 3. Here’s a selfie picture at the check-in counter.

“Flying to Tacloban!”

The flight from Manila to Tacloban will only take you an estimated time of 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Arriving at the Daniel Z. Romualdez Airport in Tacloban, it’s breezy because there are still no walls. Good news is that tourism is back. An information and assistance counter at the airport is open for visitors and tourists.

”In fairness mabilis naman and mahangin sa airport ng Tacloban kasi walang pader.”

”Uy!! Tourism is back in Tacloban woohoo!!”

From the airport as she passed along San Jose, Tacloban City, trees were already starting to thrive.

”Woot trees are standing tall again and new branches sprouting back to life. If you wanna help Tacloban support their tourism and local businesses.”

Charie settled in a cozy hotel in Tacloban where she spent 2 nights.

”Cool hotel in Tacloban, XYZ Hotel.”

Read more on Charie’s experiences in XYZ Hotel.

Grabbing some snacks at Kenny’s before going to the office. Kenny’s is a fast food restaurant in P. Zamora Street (between MH Del Pilar and Salazar Streets), Tacloban, Leyte. Must tries: beef caldereta, chicken barbecue, and their special gravy.

”Snack with Pitchay of Palo Leyte HaloHalo and Hamburger! She works for a construction firm and they're very busy! Her boss though 54 year old man lost his family so there's still sadness for those who lost loved ones.”

”Our office here in Tacloban. Subok na matibay at matatag!”

To better check on the situation of the people and surroundings, especially since Leyte and Samar was badly hit by typhoon Yolanda (international name: Haiyan), Charie requested for a bicycle. She also challenged the Tacloban News Team as to who can get the newsworthy stories first.

”My stallion for now in Tacloban. My challenge to my news team here in Tacloban, unahan kami makakita ng news hahahaha #NewsMentoring #NewsOnBike #TaclobanRehab tomorrows news today!!! #ChoosePhilippines”

Here’s what she found while biking around Tacloban:

”Mike the vendor calls it queel actually queen pina, miniature pineapples really really sweet yummy! Biking in Tacloban.”

”20 pesos each queel pineapples in Tacloban City, Veteranos Avenida St.”

”Sabi by Presidential Decree no build zone near coastal area 40meters away but guess what.”

”Selfies and photo opps near the ships that ran aground in Tacloban downtown. #TaclobanRehab #ChoosePhilippines Souvenir Shots.”

”Motorists really stop to take selfies infront of the ship stuck in downtown Tacloban.”

Thrilled to pass through the San Juanico Bridge of Samar and Leyte by bike:

”I went to Samar #ChoosePhilippines #ILoveBiking #TaclobanRehab.”

Selfie shot before the “hellish” uphill bike:

”Uphell San Juanico bridge a symbol of love goes the song when it was built by the Marcos admin.”

”San Juanico views! 360° fabulous views. #ChoosePhilippines #ChooseHappiness #TaclobanRehab”

Somewhere in Nula-Tula, Tacloban City:

”Construction boom in Tacloban. Lumber and construction supplies prices are ok, normal range according to locals.”

”Local salon in Kabalawan Suhi, Tacloban City ran by Mr. Gemma.”

Passing by Bagacay, Tacloban City:

”They peer not. The PEERLESS Village. I don’t know why they call it that. ‘Peerless’ because the houses are single/detached homes hehe no peers.”

Still pedaling and looking for news:

”You see things from a different perspective when riding a bike. You get to talk to people and see more.” –Charie Villa

”#NewsOnBike #NewsMentoring #Immersion you see things from a different perspective when riding a bike. You get to talk to people and see more #choosephilippines and @isalorenzomanila you don't need to wear spandex LOL @rach_rillo o!!!”

Children in Samar beat the heat by paddling ontop styropor sheets to keep them afloat across a river. Adults though are still afraid to go near the waters surrounding Samar and Leyte after the killer storm surge brought by super typhoon Haiyan. ”

”Tacloban downtown Avenida Veteranos tonight May 20, 2014: 100% power supply restored according to LEYECO 2 but DURELCO which supplies Dulag Mayorga and La Paz not yet.”

”Almost 7 months after Haiyan, downtown Tacloban looking bright at night.”

And to end the first day of exploring, Charie ate a hearty dinner at Haiyan Foodstop located at Brgy. Bislig, Tanauan, Leyte.

”Eating yummy dinner at Haiyan Foodstop in Tanauan Leyte! ”

Read more Charie's experiences in the Haiyan Foodstop.

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How to Get There

From Manila, you can fly to Tacloban (estimated cost Php2,700++, round trip, 1 hour 15 minutes).

All photos are available at the official Instagram account of Charie Villa; click here to view the pics.

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