10 Amazing Discoveries at Gigantes Island

Elaine Santos | May 21, 2013

By: Travel Insider Elaine Santos

1. See the mysterious Tangke Island's leaves that never fall to the ground!

2. Have a drink at Bantigue Sand Bar (bring your own beer!)

3. For someone who doesn't like hard core trekking, you will find the short treks for Island hopping very awesome!

4. The Habal habal ride all over the islands will sweep you off your feet!

5. You will definitely meet Joseph the best tour guide in the islands.

6. Scallops all you can! Yum!

7. Succulent crabs to fill your seafood desires!

8. The highlight: Cabugao Island's amazing view at the top!

9. Expect island living for 3 days! No commercial areas and no mobile signal! (well except at the call center at the top of one of the bundoks!)

10. Finally, this trip was easy on the pocket: I spent almost 7,000 pesos for 3 days and 2 nights only (P1755 (package for 7 people for 1 and P3500 airfare to Iloilo)

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