3 Stopovers You Can't Miss in Agusan del Sur

Agusan del Sur

Ida Damo
Ida Damo | Jul 11, 2014
3 Stopovers You Can't Miss in Agusan del Sur

Agusan comes from the Bisaya/Cebuano word “Agasan” which means “where the river flows.” It is but fitting that the mighty Agusan River flows through the twin provinces of Agusan del Norte and Agusan del Sur.

1. Agusan Marsh


Agusan del Sur is host to the Agusan Marsh, a protected area located at the midriver of the Agusan River.

Staying overnight and immersing one's self with the Manobo community, which lives in the heart of the marshland, is an experience that one can't easily forget. The land enchants and bewitches.

2. Toog Tree in Alegria


The century-old, 65-meter high Toog Tree in Alegria, San Francisco stands proud by the roadside. It has been fenced and a marker has been erected at its foot. What does the marker say? That the Toog lumber is hard and cross-grained, making it difficult for traditional axes and hand saws to cut it (though the modern chain saws can easily tear it down). If any, the majestic tree reminds us that we should save and cherish it as a living testament of how beautiful and pristine the forest and air was.

So go! Have your picture taken with the tree. Hug it and say thank you! I did :-)

3. The Agusan del Sur Provincial Government Center


If you want to transact business with the Provincial Government of Agusan del Sur, or simply want to have a photo op, just go to the 200-hectare Gov. Democrito Plaza Government Center in Prosperidad. All the government agencies and allied services are located at this complex devoted to public service.

Daghang salamat, Mayor Dario Otaza and Madame Ligaya, Ian Louie Bajade, Sir Matt Poria of Loreto, Agusan del Sur for being such gracious hosts. Thank you to Governor Eddie Bong Plaza, Nath Lamzon, Almar Lambaco, Bo Cañete, Nestor Dizon, Bebot Gresola, Melchecedic Vito Cereno of the Provincial Government of Agusan del Sur for the warm welcome and hospitality. To the Manobo community in Panlabuhan, daghan kaayong salamat! Padayon sa pagpakita sa inyohang kagikan. My BiyaheTaMindanaw family- Mindanao Tourism Council, Jon, Olan, Louie, Sarah, Nicole, Leah, Edwin, Carole, Jayvie, Jea, Fra, Kit and Dan, Jovic and Jeniel of the Wild Birds Photographers of South Cotabato for being the hippest travel companions and most proud Mindanaoans ever!

How to Get There:

Philippine Airlines and other major airlines fly daily to Davao City from Manila and Cebu. PAL also has flights to Butuan City from Manila.

Buses depart daily from Butuan City and Davao City to Trento or San Franciso, Agusan del Sur.

From Davao City, the air-conditioned Bachelor Bus would set you back Php 370 for a ride to San Francisco and Php 270 to Trento. Vans can also be hired.

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