5 Ways To Celebrate Love As A Family On Valentine's Day

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Choose Philippines | Feb 13, 2017

One will surely think that Valentine's Day is for couples who want to celebrate the month of love, well, it isn't the case for other individuals who don't have a date. But you don't need to be lonely, especially when you're with the company of your own family. 

Whether your mom prefers to go hiking or your father would rather have a gastronomic adventure, you may enjoy both or something different as well. Here are a few suggestions on how to enjoy the V day: 

Gastropark Kapitolyo, Pasig

Nothing beats pigging out with your siblings. Their obvious enjoyment for eating good food and their voracious appetite will entice you to grab a few bites more than your usual fill. Its a good thing Gastropark have a plethora of flavorful food to choose from.

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Mt. Pinatubo, Tarlac

Change your scenery! Grab your portable speakers and some munchies. Invite your parents on an exhilirating date. Ride a 4x4 and hike to reach the marvelous crater of Mt. Pinatubo.

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Hot Air Ballon Festival, Pampanga

This event transpires annually. Hopefully this year, you won’t miss it! Seeing more than a dozen of colorful hot air balloons on air is mesmerizing. However, (if you have lots of extra cash) riding on one is more electrifying. 

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Merkanto, Quezon City

Another food hub up North. Cannot decide what cuisine you want to devour on? Head over at Merkanto and savor the distinct flavor of different countries in every bite. 

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Majayjay Waterfalls, Laguna

A relaxing trip down south is what you might need. Pack your swimsuits. The freezing cold waters of Majayjay Falls will get your blood pumping.

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