5 Beautiful Spots In The Philippines To Find Flowers

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Choose Philippines | Feb 14, 2017

Surely, in your many years on this earth, you've either given or received flowers. Though it is a nice gesture, you should know that you can definitely do more than that: the Philippines is one of the biggest producers of commercial flowers in the world, and you should definitely use that to your advantage! So instead of giving flower on your date, take your date to see some flowers!

Sirao Garden, Cebu

Sirao Garden, taken from Cebu City Tours

Sirao Garden was one of the first flower gardens to opened to the public. Despite that, its age is not apparent, as its beauty still shines in spite of the ups and downs it underwent in its storied history.


The Flower Farm, Tagaytay

The Flower Farm, taken by Beth Valenzuela-Ona and shared on Facebook

Though not necessarily a public farm, one can still contact the administrators of The Flower Farm to set an appointment to visit their wonderful farm. However, if that isn't viable for you and your date, you can always visit the gift shop outside the farm, or any of their auxillary stores in Luzon. 


Bukidnon Flower Farm, Dahilayan, Bukidnon

Bukidnon Flower Farm, taken from Our Farm by Earth Flora Inc.

Bukidnon is known for a lot of things: producing wonderful flowers is one of them. This farm, like The Flower Farm in Tagaytay, is also not open to the general public. However, they are still open to visitors curious to see their flowers, so long as an appointment is made.


Bahong Flower Farm, La Trinidad, Benguet

Bahong Flower Farm, taken from

The cool climate and high altitude of the mountains of Luzon make the perfect place to grow flowers, and Benguet is no exception. In fact, with its cool temperatures, they can probably grow anything, both edible and decorative!


10 000 Roses Cafe, Cordova, Cebu

10 000 Roses Cafe, taken from their official FB page

Though they may not be real flowers, they are nonetheless astounding, especially when lit up at night.

Remember: be responsible as tourists! Do not take or destroy anything that will negatively impact the beauty of the destination, wherever it is you’re going to. Other than that, enjoy your date, lovebirds!

Which of these destinations are you most excited to visit with your S.O.? Tell us down in the comments below, or share your romantic stories right here on!

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