10 Facts To Make You Fall In Love With Cebu All Over Again


Nashy Torrecampo
Nashy Torrecampo | Feb 21, 2017
10 Facts To Make You Fall In Love With Cebu All Over Again

There are a number of places you can visit during your stay in the Philippines. You can either stay in the provinces of Luzon and fall in love with the rice terraces in Benguet, enjoy the Sky Ranch in Tagaytay, indulge yourself with the breathtaking view of Batanes, and much more. On the other hand, you can also explore the islands located in Visayas and Mindanao. 

Cebu is one of the most accessible islands in the Philippines. It has been recognized as one of the most entertaining locations in the country. The island can easily accommodate all people with different lifestyle: whether you're a foodie, a beach lover, or an adventurous person, Cebu has it all in spades for you.

Here are 10 facts, trivia, tidbits about Cebu that will make you want to visit—and come back to—the revered Queen City of the South.

1. Exotic Mouthwatering Street Foods


For those people who would like try exotic Filipino street foods. Cebu has a handful of one-of-a-kind food specialties, such as larang (salt-water fish and veggies), lansiao (exotic soup) and tuslob buwa (pig brains). Of course, the streetfood staples like steamed rice and siomai inspired from Chinese dishes are still available if your stomach can't handle the exoticism. Cebu has plenty of mouthwatering street foods to satisfy your taste buds and please your gastronomic urges. For more Cebuano street foods you should try, click here .

2. Best Tasting Lechon


If you are looking for the best pig in the world, no one can cook better than the Cebuanos. Cebu is famous for its best tasting lechon. According to the world-famous celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain, the Cebuano lechon is "the best pig ever."

3. Stunning and Pristine Beaches


The island has a lot of tourist attractions to see. But the main attractions are its dazzling white-sand beaches. More often than not, Cebu offers the most beautiful beaches and panoramas of the sea and sky. It is there where the land meets the sky, isn’t it?

Many tourists from abroad will directly fly to Cebu’s airport especially during the summer season. From Cebu, they will be jaunting different islands in the Visayas or just stay in Cebu.

4. Amazing Diving Spots

 Malapascua island is situated in Municipality of Daan Bantayan, Province of Cebu. This is one Cebu’s best-kept paradise. Basically, it is just a heap of rock and sands in the middle of the Visayan sea. It has been called also as “NEXT TO BORACAY”.

The island gains a worldwide reputation and became famous for its incredible diving. It is the only place in the world where you can reliably see thresher sharks and one of the best places in the Philippines to encounter big fish.

Aside from this island, there is also one situated in Southern part of Cebu which is the Pescador island, Municipality of Moalboal.

5. Chasing Waterfalls

Image result for badian waterfalls

One of the most sought-after attractions in the entire Cebu province, the Kawasan Falls has been luring foreign and local travelers alike with its serene setting, magnificent natural backdrop, and rushing ice-cool waters. A peaceful respite away from the urban jungles of the Philippines, Kawasan also appeals to people who are fond of extreme adventure, offering adventurous expeditions that involve waterfall jumping, rappelling, rock climbing, canyoneering, and trekking.

But there's a lot more to see in Cebu when it comes to waterfalls!

6. Mountains


Speaking of treks and outdoor trips, Cebu has a lot of destinations to offer. One of those is the lofty Osmeña Peak in Dalaguete, Cebu. Aside from trekking, mountaineers and adventurists also come to this place to camp and enjoy panoramic views of the entire province as well as it neighboring islands like Negros.

(The photo above was taken at one of the hidden paradises in Toledo City, where many mountaineers have already reached the mountain in Malubog, Toledo City, Cebu)

7. Rich and Storied History


Within the sand and shores of Cebu's islands is a vivid past of a people that gave birth to a distinctive culture. Through the existence of old Cebuano literature, manuscripts and various historical records. There are a number of churches and shrines that are a must visit when you are in Cebu. The most commonly visited church is the Minor Basilica del Santo Nino. On top of this, there are numerous spots where you can sit back, relax and watch the sun going down or watch it rising.

8. Grandest Festival in the Philippines; Sinulog Festival

Image may contain: one or more people, crowd and outdoor

The Famous Sinulog Festival in Cebu City is held every year on the third Sunday of January. The festival is characterized by a very long parade with many groups of persons dressed in colorful costumes, finding their way through the streets while dancing the Sinulog.To distinguish the festival from Ati-atihan Festival of Panay island, this festival is characterized by a different dance.This Sinulog dance is now the traditional and ritual dance in honor of Snr. Sto. Nino. The dance is accompanied by the beat of the drums; all the time moving two steps forward and followed by one step backward. Though the dance is very old, the parade is rather young! 1980 was the first year that the parade was organized.

9. Charming and Friendly People

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Cebuanos or Bisayas have been unjustly stereotyped as baduy, which is a Filipino term for old-fashioned and uncool. But in reality, Cebuanos are naturally charming, laid-back and cool people. Not to mention, they are pretty courteous and accommodating.

10. One of the most accessible islands in the Philippines


The Philippines isn’t the sort of place you go to for a city break, but when you’re on your way to the spectacular islands that make up this archipelago, don’t miss the chance to get to know Cebu. It’s a city that will intrigue you, scintillate your taste buds and plant a smile on your face that won’t be wiped off for weeks after getting home.

You can get flights to Cebu from many of the major cities in Southeast Asia. A good place to start looking for flights would be Cebu Pacific or Philippine Airlines.

What's your unique Cebu story? Tell us about it in the comments below, or write about them here at!

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