5 Punishing Yet Fulfilling Journeys To Breathtaking PH Destinations

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Choose Philippines | Apr 03, 2017

Are you a casual traveler? Or do you consider yourself a little bit more on the extreme side? Well, these next few destinations will challenge you both physically and mentally, but believe us, once you’re there, all of your sweat and tears will be well worth it.

Animasola Island

An otherworldly destination awaits!

Animasola is one of the islands in Burias, Masbate. That fact by itself is not spectacular, however, if one were to visit this remote destination, one would be treated to otherworldly sights, such as majestic rock formations, strange-looking pools and lagoons, and the wonderful feeling of having it all to yourself. Visit soon!

Mt. Pulag

Raw, beautiful, only in the Philippines

Mt. Pulag is far from being remote, especially nowadays. In fact, films have been shot at its peak, and remains to be a popular tourist destination all year-round. However, the wonderful view at the summit is traded off with punishing terrain: it's one of the climbs that will definitely push you to the limit, but at the end, you'll be proud to say that you scaled Pulag.



A sunset I will never forget

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This little island off the coast of Palawan lies in the middle of the ocean, and can only be reached via boat from Palawan or Iloilo. However, that doesn't stop many from visiting it: the remoteness of the island--having no hospitals and is scarcely populated--is thrilling for many. One of the only tourist attractions in the small island, apart from the secluded beaches, is the Cagayancillo Fort, one of the few forts left in Palawan.


Could this be your new favorite destination?

Located between Aparri and the Batanes group of islands, Calayan is paradise for daring travelers, who are willing to endure the long car ride to Cagayan Valley, and then a 5-7 hour long trip--on very rough seas--to the Calayan island town. However, once you're there, you can proudly tell all your friends of your bravery, plus have the beach all to yourself.


Sun, sand, surf!

One of the best surf spots in the country is notoriously difficult to go to, primarily because of how far it is from the city. However, in spite of how far it is, surfers far and wide flock to it during the months of August to October to surf the waves they fondly refer to as the "Majestic," one of the biggest waves in all of Catanduanes.

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