The Quick List: Escape To 7 Nearby Provinces Outside Manila

Pangasinan, Zambales, Bataan, Laguna, Batangas, Rizal,

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Choose Philippines | Jun 04, 2017

Living in the city has its perks: accessibility, openness in culture, and of course, infrastructure. However, in spite of that, it still has its flaws, such as traffic, crowdedness, and well, traffic. So if you ever find yourself feeling constricted by the density of Metro Manila, take comfort in the fact that these seven provinces exist, and are just a few hours’ drive away from Manila.


Pangasinan has always been a destination on any hesitant traveler's bucket list: despite being a few hours away from Manila, you can already see so much here in Pangasinan! Make sure to visit the salt farms, the Hundred Islands, and of course, the recently-popular "death pool" in Colibra!

Have you found peace yet?



Another favorite among city dwellers, Bataan may not be as popular as the others on this list, but is just as beautiful. Often overlooked compared to Subic or Pampanga, Bataan has its own unique charm, and a few hidden beaches and lagoons to make your 3-hour trip worthwhile!

Scale even greater heights!



Lakes abound in Laguna, and is perhaps one of the reasons why it's so popular among travelers to the South. Come enjoy its many natural bodies of water, from natural dams, rivers, lakes, and even some of the most beautiful waterfalls in the country!

Blues as far as the eye can see!


Rizal Province

Rizal is popular among weekend hikers, but in recent times, it also started becoming popular because of the recently-erected windmills that dot the province. A truly magnificent feat of man, these man-made marvels supply power to different parts of Rizal and even Metro Manila.

Who knew there were windmills in Rizal?



When one thinks of Batangas, immediately, pristine beaches come to mind, and why wouldn't it? Batangas is chock-full of amazing and picturesque beaches! It's also home to some very beautiful mountains, so choose your own adventure!

Go climb a mountain today!



Subic is a shoppers' haven, because of its many duty-free stores. However, it's also one of the most well-maintained and disciplined places in the country. If you want to relax on the beach, and maybe do some shopping afterwards, Subic is your place!

No traffic, EVER!



Whether you want to see the mightiest mountain in Luzon, or if you just want to go surfing, Zambales has something for everyone. Excite yourself with a hike, or a quick dip on the beach, or maybe even a camping trip near the mountains!

The majesty of the Philippines!


Whichever province you pick, know that being cooped up in the city is never an excuse to travel, so get to it! Which nearby province have you always dreamt of visiting? Share it down in the comments below, or write about it here on!

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