Be A Better Traveler By Minding These 5 Tips

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John Lemuel Jumawid
John Lemuel Jumawid | Jun 01, 2018
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Here are my 5 tips on how you can become a better traveler and in turn, enjoy your trips more.

Number 1 - ATTITUDE

Whether your traveling for work or vacation, inevitably during your trip, something will go wrong. A delayed flight here which leads to a missed connecting flight there or a flat tire on the way to the hotel, whatever that may be, something will inevitably go wrong. But, having a positive attitude, a roll with the punches mentality will help you overcome these speed bumps. How you react to these uncontrollable situations will ultimately determine how much you enjoy your trip. What makes traveling fun is immersing yourself in new places and new situations and the better your attitude is towards things you can’t control, the better your trip will be.



Now this doesn't have to be super detailed. Just list down in order of priority the places and things that you want to see and do. I suggest scheduling 3 or 4 per day, that way you give yourself enough time to enjoy each place and your not rushing to complete a long list. This gives your travel day structure, that way you are not wasting time. And once your done with your priority items, you open yourself up to other things not on the list. Create an itinerary, aim for it, but don't live by it.



Now I admit, part of the fun about traveling is getting lost and discovering unexpected experiences and places. But in order to have a more enjoyable experience, you need connectivity. Its hard to discover unexpected things about a place when you can’t even get to a place or when you get to a place, its closed. Connectivity gives you access to information that you will need to help you plan your trip better. Like what routes to take or what time of the day to go. I suggest grabbing a wifi router in your city even before you head out. But if you can’t, you can usually find wifi rentals and sim cards at the airport.



While traveling and running around from one place to another, snapping photos and taking videos. It’s easy to forget that we need to keep drinking water and stay hydrated. Obviously you have to eat, but keeping hydrated will allow your body to do more. It will keep your endurance levels up. Now this ties back to my first tip about attitude, the more tired you get, the lower your mood will be and the lower your attitude will be. By staying hydrated, we help ourselves feel physically better and in turn the better our attitude and mood will be. So grab a water bottle, carry it with you while traveling and stay hydrated!


Number 5 – HAVE FUN

This sounds obvious and it is but most travelers get lost in all the stress and worry during a trip that they forget to have fun. Take in the scenery, snap hundreds of photos, take lots of videos. Not everybody gets to travel and those of us who do get to travel, only travel a few times in a year. So make the most of your time traveling, experience new things, try new food, explore new places, discover a new culture and keep an open mind and ultimately you will become a better traveler.

That's it for me guys hope you enjoyed this video. Please like and subscribe for more and I will see you next time. PEACE!

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