Summer 2018: Be On The Lookout Out For These 10 PH Travel Trends

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Choose Philippines | Feb 26, 2018

Summer is fast approaching, and the temperature is starting to get higher and higher. If the sun or quickly-moving months aren’t getting you excited to hit the beach and travel, maybe these 10 trends will:

Eco Tourism

Eco Tourism has become a buzzword as of late, being touted as traditional tourism, but catered more towards development and sustainability. This kind of tourism focuses on helping both parties: helping the community sustain its way of life, as well as enriching the experience of the tourist through meaningful interactions.


Farm Tourism

Farm Tourism is similar to Eco Tourism, in that it focuses on development and sustainability. However, Farm Tourism emphasizes the importance of nutrition, highlighting the role of food—from growing to cultivating and to selling—in creating a lively and vibrant community.



Sanctuaries are simply that: a safe, silent place for people looking to escape the noisy and cluttered life of the city and into someplace more suitable for relaxation. 


Air Adventures

In the Philippines, a lot of people have explored the ocean. And of course, a lot more people have explored the mountains. But the number of people that have since explored the skies? Very few. Be one of the firsts!


For The ‘Gram

More and more businesses have started to notice the power of social media, and have since started creating experiences and accommodations that were more Instagram-friendly, focusing on vibrant interiors, and fun visuals.

Host Of Hostels

For the past few years, hostels have taken the forefront in providing budget-friendly accommodations for many would-be travelers. Sure, you sacrifice a few luxuries and amenities, but the hostel experience makes up for it by providing you a venue to mingle and make friends!


Floating Playgrounds

Playgrounds can take on numerous forms, from a traditional swing and slide build on a solid foundation, to a simple floating, floating around aimlessly on the water. The latter seems more fun, so we’ll go with that instead.


Traveling By Boat

Zero Philippine Carmageddon: Tax-Free & Traffic-Free Subic Bay

The Philippines, being surrounded on all sides by water, is a country you’d expect to have a strong maritime culture. However, that is sadly not the case, and it is only recently that boats and ships have been refurbished to offer a luxurious and Instagrammable experience. But still, better late than never, right?



The advent of globalization plus the paradigm shift towards sustainability have created more and more Filipinos that are willing to pay a premium for goods and services that are all of high-quality, sustainable, and most importantly, locally-sourced. A trip through the many local shops of Instagram will easily attest to this.


Cultural Tours

The best way to experience a destination? Wear the shoes of a local. Not literally, of course, but if you want to truly experience the culture, cuisine, and life of a certain place, immerse yourself in their culture. Thankfully, many tour operators already offer this.

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