5 Tips and Tricks for Scoring the Perfect Travel Deal

5 Tips and Tricks for Scoring the Perfect Travel Deal
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Seat sales have always been a part of the traveller’s check list. Nowadays, it is common for airlines to have base rate sales unexpectedly. To maximize your funds, here’s a couple of tips and tricks to help you score the best deal.


1. Subscribe to newsletters



Most, if not all airlines, have newsletters. Oftentimes ignored by the mass public, newsletters are a good way for airlines to announce online seat sales and promo codes for online bookings.

Bonus Tip: Since us travellers are always online, be sure to follow your airline of choice’s social media accounts and change your feed settings so that you would always see their posts first - that way, there’s less chances of missing a sale announcement!


2. Set an alarm



Like any college student trying to access their grades at midnight, booking sites tend to get an influx of traffic, thus making the site very inaccessible. Since it has been common knowledge that airlines then to have sales during holidays in the Philippines, as early as now, set your alarm so you won’t forget!

Bonus Tip: Most browsers have auto-refresh plug-ins. Install it in your browser and set a fixed interval where you won’t need to refresh your site and constantly pray to the travel gods that you get in.


3. Prep the booking deets



Most sites require a ton of information just to be able to proceed with your booking. One of the easiest things to do is to get a membership account with your airline of choice. By signing up, the site automatically has your information saved in their system which allows for a less hassle booking. 

Bonus Tip: If you’re iffy about registering your details, take advantage of your computer’s auto-fill feature. Chances are, your laptop or desktop already remembers key information that you type.


4. Book One-Way



A lot of people tend to look for round-trip deals; however, what people don’t realize is that round-trip tickets tend to be harder to score at a good deal. A common trick among young travellers is booking one-way fares. You would most likely be able to score a pretty good deal if you booked your way home as a separate flight.

Bonus Tip: If there’s no base rate sale for your return date of choice, it’s perfectly fine to book your return flight on a separate airline. Who knows, a cheaper price point might be coming your way!


5. Pay in Credit



Paying with or using a credit card for your travel expenses usually brings in perks. It can either come via discount codes or card-specific travel fairs. Be sure to check your bank's website regularly or your billing statement to be updated with news on travel-related deals.

Bonus Tip: Travelling can be very costly even if sales take place. By taking advantage of any installment options that are available, paying for your flights get lighter on your pocket. 



While there are countless other tips and tricks that are available in helping you get the lowest price, we hope that you’ve picked up a thing or two from our list. Do share with us how you try to get more bang for your buck by sharing your own stories via our Share Your Journey page or by using the hashtag #ChoosePhilippines.


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