12 Things You Can Do On A Weekend In Batangas


Red Rivera
Red Rivera | Jun 27, 2018
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The Philippines is a beautiful country, and Batangas is just one of its hotspots. From climbing a mountain, swimming the current with the sea creatures, relaxing in a nice resort or maybe enjoying a simple cup of kapeng barako, there's a list of things you shouldn’t miss out on doing in Batangas!

Here are some of them:

dive anilao- choose philippines

1. Take the plunge in Anilao

Anilao hosts plenty of diving spots and Eagle Point’s House Reef is just one of the many places you can go to! The waters are shallow and the corals are beautiful! 

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fortune island- choose philippines

2. Discover secret spots in Fortune Island

Located simply 2 hours away from Manila, beautiful sceneries await anyone who visits. What will you find, traveler? 

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taal crater- choose philippines

3. Take a trip to an active crater in Taal Volcano

It’s an island, within a lake, within a volcano, within a lake, within an island! What's not cool about that? Also, it’s the second most active volcano in the Philippines and yet we continue to adventure on! 

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mt.batulao- choose philippines

4. Enjoy the view on Mt. Batulao

A relatively easy climb with jaw-dropping rewards. Enjoy the view as you hike along!

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lily resort- choose philippines

5. Unwind at The Lily

A beach house at Lian, Batangas that boasts a quirky, fun, and humble abode. Read about Fabi's stay here.


malvar museum- choose philippines

6. Bask in a little history at the Malvar Museum

Batangueño Miguel Malvar was the last Philippine general to surrender to the Americans at the close of the Filipino-American War. Learn more about it here!

rapel in layong bato

7. Rappel down a hundred feet in Layong Bato

Located at Nasugbu, enjoy a swim and a quick hike to Mt. Talamitan after your rappel down.

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san benito farm- choose philippines

8. Detox in The Farm at San Benito

Dubbed as one of World’s Best Health Resorts, relax and enjoy some downtime in this sanctuary. Find out more about it here.

lipa batangas- choose philippines

9. Enjoy Kapeng Barako in Lipa

Did you know that from 1886-1888, Lipa was the world’s sole supplier of coffee beans? Go on and enjoy the rich and intense taste of this coffee!

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sublian festival-choosephilippines

10. Celebrate the Sublian Festival

Viva Batangas! Celebrated on the month of July  Batangueños come together and show their devotion to two patrons, the Holy Cross in Bauan and Agoncillo, and the Sto. Niño in Batangas City. The Sublian also coincides with the city’s founding anniversary. 

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taal heritage town-choose philippines

11. Go Back in Time in Taal Heritage Town

Visit various homes and learn about Katipunan’s unheralded heroes. Go on and enjoy the historical treasures of Batangas! Learn more about it here.

sepoc island-choosephilippines

12. Chill on the Beach in Sepoc Island

Nothing like sitting on a sandy beach and appreciating life at Sepoc Island, Anilao. 

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