The Davao City Weekend Guide

Ida Damo
Ida Damo | Jul 31, 2018
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Davao City is 2,444 square kilometers of endless fun and adventure.  How can you cram it into a weekend? Where can you go and what do you do?  Here is an itinerary that you can tweak depending on what you want to do:


The moment you arrive in Davao City Friday evening, drop of your bags at any of these hotels: The Marco Polo, The Apo View Hotel (one of the oldest hotels in Davao), Waterfront Insular Hotel, The Royal Mandaya, Pinnacle, Tropika, Las Casitas, Bahay ni Tuding, Pinnacle, Panorama Summit Hotel, to name a few from budget hotels/inns to starred hotels.  

Then head off to Roxas Night Market for cheap but clean and delicious food from grilled meats to ice cream.  There’s a regular flea market (ukay-ukay) every night for brand new and second-hand shoes, bags, and clothes.

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There is a smoking ban imposed strictly all over the city but there are designated places for those who want to light up.  Liquor ban is at 2AM and last order for alcoholic drinks is at 12 midnight.  Minors are not allowed on the streets starting at 10PM.  

So retire early or walk off the full tummy at the Davao People’s Park before sleeping for a day full of activities tomorrow.


Wake up around 7am, eat breakfast at your hotel or at TAPS the local tapsilogan in the city or lugaw and tokwa’t baboy at Dencia’s or try the sikwate (hot choco drink) and puto maya in Bangkerohan Public Market

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You can do the Duterte Tour , a food and heritage walk or you might want to go outside of the city after having breakfast and take-in the cool mountain breeze in BuDa or at Eden Nature Park where you can do the skyswing, skycycle, and skyride. 

Have your lunch of the freshest greens and good food at their Vista Restaurant or catch your own fish to be cooked at the Fisher Grill in Eden. 

After Eden, go back nearer to the city and go to the Philippine Eagle Center in Malagos to visit Pag-Asa the first captive-bred eagle and then catch the bird show at the Malagos Garden Resort and then make your own chocolates at the Malagos Chocolate Museum, the first chocolate museum in the Philippines. 

Then it is back to the city late in the afternoon.  If you are still up for it, eat at Marina Tuna for ten ways to prepare tuna or sample the pakfry (tuna cooked twice: paksiw and then deep-fried) at Palovince at the old airport in Sasa.


Be very early like 7am to catch a boat to Talikud Island and soak in the sun and try out helmet diving at Isla Reta in Talikud Island, an hour away from the city by boat to avoid the long line at the Sasa barge for the mainland Samal Island resorts.

The boat departs at 3PM from Isla Reta so by 4pm you will be back in the city.

OR you can opt to rent a boat to go island hopping or have a talikud island inland tour.

 Go to  Davao Crocodile Park to end your weekend in Davao. They have fire dancing and exotic food at the Tribu K’Mindanawan within the complex.

If you want an action-packed weekend, you can try white water rafting for a whole day whether on a Saturday or Sunday.

Whatever floats your boat, have a fun and flavorful weekend in Davao!

How to get there:
Major airlines fly daily to Davao City from Manila and Cebu.  Travel time from Manila is an hour and 50 minutes while Cebu takes only 50 minutes.

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