A Day To Night Guide In Dipolog

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Ida Damo
Ida Damo | Jul 27, 2018
A Day To Night Guide In Dipolog
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Dipolog City is the entry point to Western Mindanao, to the twin cities of Dipolog and Dapitan, and the paradise that is Dakak when you take the plane from Manila and Cebu.

Dipolog encompasses 13,628 hectares.

Choose Philippines made a Dipolog Guide in 2014 and this is an update.  You can still do the things on the first story as this update is basically the same with some new additions.

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Where to Go:

Church- The Holy Rosary Cathedral is a good place to light a candle and give thanks for a safe travel and good life.  Ask a local if they know the story of the memorial of the unborn child in the cathedral’s compound.

At night, the Dipolog Boulevard lets you see and feel how some Dipolognons have a night out.

Where to Stay:

Ariana Hotel is the nearest hotel at the airport and its resort feel makes you feel right at home.  Arania’s rooms are comfortable yet reasonably priced.

The pool is a very relaxing place to hang out in. They have very courteous staff that would help you with anything up to assisting you in repacking your bag to fit the baggage allowance.  Check out the clubhouse sandwich and cold cuts at the hotel’s Chloe’s Bistro.   

Where to Eat:

Ariana’s Tablea lets you taste an heirloom sikwate (hot chocolate drink) recipe and all the chocolate goodness that you can think of--- muffins, cakes, bars with fruits, mallows, dark or white.  Great for a relaxing snack after tour of the city.  

Baybay Seafood Grill and Bar is right where the sun dips into the sea at dusk.  With good food and their signature baybay towers of mixed drinks, your Dipolog experience will be complete and replete.  

What to Bring Home:

I dare call it Dipolog’s signature pasalubong---Montaño Sardines.  Original recipe from the clan’s matriarch, made into a successful business by the patriarch, and made even more diverse but still keeping true to its roots by the third generation who runs it now.  Spicy yet so palatable, it’s a must-have.

Tablea’s chocolate bars are the best for those who have sweet tooth because that’s exactly it--- sweet but not overly so.  Its dark chocolate is bitter but not the type that you won’t be able to finish.  Highly recommended are the choco guava fruit balls.

Best Spot for a Night Out:

Centrall Gastro Pub- To call Centrall just a bar is an injustice.  For one, its industrial interiors are cozy and not stiff.  Their house music coming from a DJ mixing live, adds to the relaxed yet pulsing atmosphere.  Third, the food is so good.  Highly recommended mix:  Red wine, Pesto cheese, and wagyu beef steak.  Another recommendation: Hungarian sausage and fries sprinkled with parmesan.

Lastly, DO NOT FORGET to catch a Dipolog sunset at the boulevard or at Baybay.

How to get there:
Major airlines have daily flights to Dipolog City from Manila and Cebu.


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