5 Reasons Why Christmas Is Extra Special Here In The Philippines

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Choose Philippines | Dec 13, 2018
5 Reasons Why Christmas Is Extra Special Here In The Philippines
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Iba ang Pasko sa Pilipinas, trust us. You’ll see it not just in the way Filipinos go ~extra~ with their Christmas decors--but also with their jolly vibes and over-the-top preparation for the holidays. And no matter how heavy the traffic is or how fast our bonuses seem to fly during this time of the year (ahem), nothing could dampen the spirit of Christmas. Especially if it’s the only time we get to experience these things!

The tradition of completing the Simbang Gabi. Completing the nine-day Simbang Gabi is believed to grant Christmas wishes. But whether it’s true or not, Filipinos would still wake up at dawn to attend each mass: be it for religious reasons, for our wishes to come true, or for the hot bibingka waiting outside the church. 

The Christmas carols. From traditional Christmas carols up to the more popular holiday tunes--Paskong Pinoy will never be complete if you aren’t serenaded with these festive hits. And if you’re extra nice to carolers, you’ll definitely receive that ‘thank you, thank you ang babait ninyo’ note. Sweet!

The never-ending family and barkada reunions. Attending Christmas parties, family reunions, barkada get-togethers sound quite exhausting. But hey! The party games, dance numbers (hello, office newbies), raffles, picture-taking, and fun kwentuhan with everyone are more than enough to keep you going. 

The much-awaited Noche Buena. Lechon, hamon, queso de bola, salad, spaghetti--oh, and don’t get us started with the sweet kakanins. It might take time to list down all our favorite Christmas dishes. But we just can’t help it! Feasting on Noche Buena might give us a few extra pounds--but that’s nothing compared to the satisfying dinner you’ll spend with your loved ones. 

The Christmas gift giving. Giving love on Christmas Day is a must. But giving gifts feels good, too, right? Just imagine the excitement of your loved ones while they’re unwrapping their gifts--the sweet anticipation of not knowing what you picked for them this year. Is it something on their wish list? Or something beyond their expectations, maybe? It’s always the thought that counts--but if you could go extra in gift-giving, that would be seriously awesome! And if you’re going for that path, might as well choose the #HuaweiChristmasPromoPH! 

Huawei will ‘make it snow’ in the Philippines with overwhelming freebies (think outdoor speaker, wireless charger, and more!) if you pick these smartphones for Christmas! So get the Mate 20 or Mate 20 Pro for your special someone with a high-performance lifestyle, the P20 or P20 Pro for the photo-savvy person in your life, the M5 Lite Tablet for your creative pal, the Nova 3 or 3i for your on-the-go and selfie-loving bestie, or the Y9 for your sound trippin’ buddy. You can check out their site to know the freebies that go along with your smartphone of choice! 

Iba talaga ang Pasko sa Pinas, don’t you think? 

Celebrate the Holiday season with über exciting treats from Huawei!

Catch their #MakeSnowPossible event this  December 24-28, 2018 in Glorietta.

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their latest events and promotions.

Images from Unsplash and Pixabay.

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