Top 5 Baguio Haunted Spots

1. Diplomat Hotel – This former seminary before being developed into a hotel, is considered one of the most haunted hotels in the world. Strange noises and infamous headless apparitions are reported to be seen in this now abandoned hotel on top of the Dominican hill. Locals who live near the site swear to hearing strange noises and disturbing shouts in the middle of the night. It is believed that the headless ghosts and noises are from the ghosts and nuns beheaded during World War II.

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2. Teachers’ Camp – What used to be a training site by American teachers (Thomasites) a hundred years ago is now believed to be surrounded ghosts and creepy spirits that haunt its visitors to this day. Encounters with a lady crying in the kitchen of one of the cottages, roaming spirits in the guest room and a headless priest are only some of the interesting stories from countless guests. It is as if the spirits never want to be forgotten.

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3. Hyatt Terraces Hotel – The tragic history of the Hyatt surely contributed to its terrifying reputation. The once lively home to vacationers and tourists exploring Baguio met a tragic end in the earthquake of 1990. 100 people lost their lives in this historic natural disaster and it is believed that the spirits of the victims never did move on. Till now, stories of strange apparitions and aromatic smell coming out of nowhere are consistently reported.

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4. Casa Vallejo – This hotel is one of the oldest remaining structures in Baguio, even bagging recognition from the city as one of the 10 oldest institutions in the city, thus it has survived the difficult times of the past. From being a German Prisoner of War Detention Center in 1917, to housing key personnel in the American times to finally becoming a hotel in the 1920s up to the present, Casa Vallejo has seen it all, so it is not a wonder that stories of the supernatural continue to haunt this historical site.

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5. Loakan Road – Imagine this: A girl hailing a cab along the Laokan Road in the middle of the night, only to disappear a few minutes along the ride. This is just one of the eerie encounters of cab drivers and locals with the Lady of Loakan. It is believed that the ghost was once the girl raped and tortured at Loakan Road. The spirit is believed to be in search of the people who killed her.

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