Haunted Spots in Davao

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Choose Philippines | Oct 29, 2013
Haunted Spots in Davao

Davao City, Philippines --- Davao the largest city in the Philippines with various tourist attractions plus Kadayawan Festival.

But this Halloween, we will share with you ghost stories from Davao City that will creep and scare you when you read it.

Ateneo De Davao (Matina) - Ateneo is a sprawling campus which makes it a fodder for many ghost stories, ever since in grade school until high school the eerie stuff I heard could just fill a book. Before the school was built, the place was then a Japanese Airfield in World War 2. hence stories are rife about ghosts of Japanese soldiers and one tale includes a security guard on night detail who heard a telephone ringing (in the old-now demolished wooden building, there was a telephone which students often used to call up their sundo) the guard answered and the voice in the other line was a man muttering in language that somewhat resembled Nippongo. There are many eerie stories like apparitions at a statue (forgot the name) near the old grade school chapel. In high school, some classrooms are said to be haunted by the spirits of departed students. In some Acacia trees inside the campus, live some friendly dwarves who occasionally appear to groups of people.

The old Si residence at Champaca street - it has been declared as one of the most haunted houses in Davao City and has become the site of many ghost-hunting adventures however most of the stories that inspired the horror tales are pure fallacy, the Si family used to live there until they relocated to Manila in the mid-1990s and no, they were not massacred contrary to some stories. Just like invading weeds and grasses, ghosts and other supernatural beings might have move in there as the house became abandoned.

The Retreat house row along Talomo beach - there are many retreat houses along Talomo beach, Talomo during the 1950s and the 1960s was a popular destination for many beachgoing Dabawenyos. Using the Ouija, a group of college students conducted séance sessions contacting the different entities. They found out that rooms in these retreat houses have resident ghosts most of which were drowning victims. They also found out that along the beach on late nights the spirits of children who have drowned on its shores still roam.

The Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) regional office - their office along McArthur highway has a deep history of haunting. In the early 1950’s my grandfather built his house on that lot. When he was still alive, Lolo would tell stories of the many supernatural events that occurred during their stay, according to him the lot then was a balite-an (full of balite trees). When the house was completed, a lot of strange things began happening. It is said that kapres living in the balite were disturbed when the house was built. My grandparents consulted an albularyo from Siquijor, the albularyo urged my grandparents to leave the area as the kapres could no longer be appeased and the entities threatened more harm if they continued to stay in the house. The grandparents and the family left soon after. It is said that the house and the lot underwent transformations as several owners come and went. It is said that despite the structural changes the hauntings still remain.

Ahas street - in the middle of Juna Subdivision at the farthest end of the Philippine Women’s College property is a desolate street named Ahas street, so-named since there are no houses in the area but empty lots said to be infested by snakes. According to those living near the area, the street was a known dumping ground for salvage victims during the turbulent times of the 1980’s when Davao was still known as Nicaragdao. Houses in the vicinity of the street are said to be haunted by the restless spirits of these salvage victims.

Palm Drive - this is a small road just before you reach SSS Bajada (when you are going to the direction of Davao Medical Center). In the mid-90’s after we droppedone of my friend in his house along the Drive, we encountered a ghostly apparition of a lady dressed in brown, she was standing and in deep prayer. Based on local stories gathered years after, the brown lady was a househelp in one of the houses in the area who was killed during a robbery attempt in the residence.


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