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When in Zambales: Stay at the Circle Hostel


Kara Santos
Kara Santos | May 09, 2014

Located on a small street in Liw-Liwa, San Felipe, Zambales, just 5 minutes away from the beach, The Circle Hostel is a great place for solo travelers who just to meet new people, or for groups looking for a budget-friendly place for the weekend.

The Circle Hostel in Zambales is part of a chain of eco-hostels in the Philippines catering to surfers and backpackers who are looking for a community atmosphere and budget-friendly lodging.


Instead of private rooms, The Circle Hostel makes use of open-air dwellings, shared spaces and dorm-style bunk beds. Owners of the hostel encourage guests to grab a bucket of paint and a brush to leave their mark here. Thus, the whole space is very vibrant and colorful, with lots of quotes on surfing and paintings adorning the walls, rafters, and stairs.


The Circle Hostel Zambales. San Felipe, Zambales, Philippines

  • Website:
  • Facebook page: The Circle Hostel
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Mobile Number: +639178611929 – Paco



  • Bed Bunk: P350/night
  • Hammock: P250/night
  • Camping fee: P250/head/ night (bring your own tent)
  • Surf Board Rental: 1 hour = P200, Half day = P400, Whole day = P800, Instructor = P200/hour
  • Towels for rent: P20 (+100 deposit)
  • Padlock rental (for locker): P20
  • Driftwood hammocks for sale: P1,400


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